The Only Way it Will Wither and Die Is If We Let It…

Councilman Berry asked about the progress with the fuel cards? The Mayor doing what he does best announced that there are competitors and that there would be substantial out-of-pocket cost.. Councilman Berry said that he does not understand how there could be competitors at a “Zero Cost to us” I challenge that, there are no costs. He did say that if we put in pumps at DPW department and Fire Department there would be cost, but that is only if the city did that. It is not mandatory. He went on to ask for the names of the companies and phone numbers. The Mayor was more concerned about the coupons from Kroger that can be used at Shell Gas Stations. Councilman Berry and Horvath pointed out that Shell has some of the highest gas prices around. How many of you fill up at Shell next time you drive by one of the Stations take a look at the price. How about you just stop fueling up at Shell and find some place with a better price on Gas..

There is no cost to this the mayor just does not want to do it God forbid we would know who is spending what and when. Councilwoman Horvath said she wants to keep on this she does not want this to “wither and die on the vine”.. She has his number and so does councilman Tom Berry. Mystery companies all of a sudden there are other companies interested in this and at a better rate than FREE. The only thing better than FREE is if they PAY the CITY to use it.  Like so many other things that the council want’s done and the Mayor does not, it just “withers and dies) never to be bought up again. IT is just one in recent history that I can think of.

I was thinking Council before this drags on for the next 6 to 9 months and then is forgotten about ask the Mayor to give you the names and numbers of the “Competitors” call them set up study sessions with them and get the ball rolling. Give him a day to give you the information if he does not come up with it then go ahead and hire the company that came in and gave the presentation.. There is no reason to drag this out that is what he is looking to do…


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