Maybe This Is Why?

There are many of you perplexed at the Mayors stead fast support of his assistant many of you have asked why he never does anything about her? The answer may be in a complaint that happened some time back and how that complaint was handled and by who.

In 2009 an employee made a claim against the Mayor, that claim stated that the Mayor was visiting improper websites on his office computer and veracious other things.. The claim was sent to the Mayor his assistant who opens all of his correspondence decided according to her testimony in the Hassane Jamal lawsuit that she would not show it to the Mayor. She decided to investigate it herself. She claims that she never told the Mayor and that she contacted the attorney for the city (Acho) and the Human Resource director. The three of them came up with a plan to handle the situation all of this going on and she never once told the Mayor that someone was making such claims about him.

The claim gave the Mayor seven (7) days to bring this person up to the same salary that she was earring in his office. You see this person was moved to a different department the salary for the job in that department was 13,000.00 dollars less than it is at this time. The salary of this person was raised and they still are working for the city.

This is part of Krisytina Kramarz Deposition from the Hassan Jamal lawsuit.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Plaintiff, )
) Civil Action
-vs- )
) No. 2:09-cv-13903
DANIEL PALETKO, Individually )
and in his capacity as Mayor of )
the City of Dearborn Heights, )
a Michigan Municipal Corporation,)
Jointly and Severally, )
Defendants. )
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)
The Deposition of KRYSTINA M. KRAMARZ taken
before me, Sheila D. Rice, CSR-4163, a Notary Public
within and for the County of Wayne, State of Michigan, at
33900 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, Michigan, on Friday,
July 30, 2010.
512 E. Eleven Mile Road
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067
(By Frank J. Rivers, Esq.),
Appearing on behalf of Plaintiff,
33900 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia, Michigan 48150
(By James R. Acho, Esq.),
Appearing on behalf of Defendants.
ALSO PRESENT: Hassane Jamal

Q. Now, the fact that you are concerned about this
information getting out, talking about Ms. Foley’s
allegations and she’s hired a lawyer, are you
telling me that you never once went and discussed
it with the Mayor?
A. I probably said — I know I said nothing about the
sexual allegations. I probably said Tina’s having
more issues, she’s got an attorney.
Q. Well, okay.
A. Tina tried to retain counsel before for a write-up
the Mayor gave her with the Civil Service position.
Tina has retained counsel against one of her
neighbors in Dearborn.
Tina hiring an attorney is not
something as another employee hiring an attorney.
Having an attorney letterhead most definitely I
send this to our attorneys, but at the same time
having an attorney doesn’t mean that any of this
would be valid.
Q. But just so that we’re clear, this whole thing
about the computer website you’re saying that was a
new allegation; right?
A. Yes, yes, yes.
Q. So you didn’t think that that might be something
that you would want to bring to the Mayor’s
attention that she’s alleging that he was visiting
inappropriate computer websites?
A. No.
Q. Why not?
A. I didn’t want to upset the Mayor.
Q. Well, and I’m really not trying to, you know, be
disparaging here, but don’t you think that if the
Mayor found out about this through some other means
he might be upset?
A. I discussed it with Ron Acho.
MR. ACHO: I don’t want you to —
Q. No, I don’t want to know what you said to Mr. Acho.
I’m just asking you don’t you think if the Mayor
found out about this allegation some other way and
you knew about it, don’t you think he’d be kind of
MR. ACHO: I’m going to object That calls for speculation. She doesn’t know what
would happen.
MR. RIVERS: She’s been working for
the man for the past what-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) She’s not
in his head, though, Counsel.
MR. RIVERS: Okay. Well-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) Just
answer the question, Krissy.
Q. Based on what you know of, your interactions with
the Mayor, and I think you’ve testified that you
told him everything, don’t you think he would be-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) I’m going
to object. She did not testify she told him
A. I didn’t say that I told him everything.
MR. ACHO: You’re mischaracterizing
and misrepresenting what she said.
Q. So you keep secrets from the Mayor?
MR. ACHO: Whoa. Objection to the
word “secret.” She’s testified several times what
she does and doesn’t tell him.
A. I give him an update on what’s going on. And these

things that Tina — probably — and this is
probably. It’s been a long time. I probably said
Tina has more issues. I don’t tell him details.
Q. Okay. My question is don’t you think that with
this type of allegation, which is a new allegation
that the Mayor’s visiting inappropriate computer
websites, that that would be something he would be
upset about with you if he found out through
another source and you knew about it?
A. I don’t think he would be upset with me, no.
Q. Okay. Didn’t Ms. Foley get a write-up from the
Mayor because she failed to tell him about certain
information ahead of time? Were you aware of that?
A. The write-up came from not putting certain events
on his schedule.
Q. What was the event?
A. I don’t remember. This was years ago, and I was
not involved in that meeting.
Q. I’ll let you take a look at that for a moment.
(Deposition Exhibit 2 was
marked for identification.)
Q. It had something to do with the event at — was it
Ford? Does that refresh your recollectionA. No.
Q. No?
A. I don’t understand.
MR. ACHO: Counsel, can you point
out where in the letter you’re referring to just to
speed things along. There’s five, six pages here,
and I don’t see anything regarding Ford either.
I’m not sure we’re looking at the same document.
MR. RIVERS: Oh. Thank you. I’m
MR. ACHO: Do you want this back?
MR. RIVERS: Yeah, let’s have that.
Thank you. I apologize. If we can have this
marked as Exhibit number 2.
MR. ACHO: No biggie.
(Remarked Deposition Exhibit 2,
Memo dated 3-29-07, was marked
for identification.)
Q. Have you ever seen this document before, Ms.
Kramarz, what we’ve marked Exhibit number 2?
A. I think this is the document that you showed Ms.
Sobota-Perry. I’m not sure, though.
Q. Well, does this refresh your recollection about Ms.
Foley getting written up by the Mayor?
A. Again, I was never privy to the details. I knew
this was happening, but —
Q. Okay. Well, you can read it now and be privy to
the details. What does it say the Mayor was
writing her up about?
A. About not putting something on his schedule.
Q. Not putting something on the Mayor’s schedule?
A. And not informing him of what happened after.
Q. So the Mayor’s expressing his displeasure with Ms.
Foley, because he didn’t attend a Lions Club dinner
because Ms. Foley neglected to tell him about it,
at least that’s what he’s alleging; correct?
A. That’s correct.
Q. So now do you still believe that the Mayor wouldn’t
be upset if he found out that-
A. (Interposing) Yes. Again-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) Asked and
A. Tina has to give him details of where to go. If I
told the Mayor there’s an event tonight, you don’t
need to know the details, that would most
definitely cause for the Mayor to be upset with me.
I don’t feel I need to give the
Mayor detailed information about everything I do.
I give him updates.

Q. You don’t feel that you need to tell him that an
attorney is accusing him on behalf of a client of
downloading computer porn?
A. Not when I give this to the attorney that
represents the City.
Q. Okay. Do you know if Mr. Acho or anyone from his
firm talked to the Mayor about what information you
gave him?
A. I do not.
Q. Did you ever ask him?
A. No. Again, no.
Q. So you just called Mr. Acho up and said, hey,
here’s what Tina Foley said, here’s a copy of the
MR. ACHO: Again, that’s a
communication between you and-
Q. (Interposing) Okay. Whatever you said to Mr.
MR. ACHO: Do not relay what you
Q. (Interposing) Whatever you said to Mr. Acho and
you gave him the letter, after that you never followed up with anybody to find out what happened?
A. I don’t know if I can answer that.
Q. Why not?
A. I had conversations with Ron Acho.
Q. Okay. So you did follow up with Mr. Acho about Ms.
Foley’s allegations?
A. Yes.
Q. Okay. Did you follow up with anyone else?
A. Probably the HR director.
Q. What did you and she talk about?
A. Information that Ron Acho asked us to obtain.
Q. Did you and she ever talk about going and telling
the Mayor that Tina Foley was saying he was
downloading computer porn?
A. No.
Q. It never occurred to either one of you?
A. We spoke to Ron Acho.
Q. No. My question was did either you or Ms. Perry
ever say, hey, maybe one of us should tell the
Mayor what’s going on?
MR. ACHO: Asked and answered.
A. There’s conversation with Ron Acho.
Q. Leave Mr. Acho out of it. Did you or Ms. Perry
ever say to each other, hey, let’s go and tell the
Mayor what’s going on here?
A. And outside conversation from counsel?
Q. Did you or Ms. Perry ever say to each other let’s
go and tell the Mayor what happened here? I don’t
care where you were.
A. I don’t think I can answer that.
MR. ACHO: I think she already did.
She testified no when you asked her the first time.
MR. RIVERS: I didn’t hear a no, and
she just said she can’t testify to it.
Q. I’m not asking you what Mr. Acho might have said
about the idea. I’m asking when-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) Without
referring to my dad, did you — if I may, did you
and Elisabeth ever say to each other that you
should go to the Mayor with Tina Foley’s
allegations? That is Mr. Rivers’ question.
A. Yes.
Q. And who said what to who?
Well, I mean I don’t want you to
tell me anything that Mr. Acho told you. If he
jumped in the conversation-
MR. ACHO: (Interposing) Well, he
may have been there is the problem.
A. There was a question posed to Mr. Acho at which
time he laid out a strategy for us.
MR. RIVERS: I think that’s what I
was trying to at is my dad was there and that’s why
there’s privileged communications.
MR. RIVERS: All right. I
MR. ACHO: It’s what I’ve tried to
tell you all along. There’s no perjury. There’s
no — you were not misled by the Mayor, anything
like that.
MR. RIVERS: We’ll let the jury be
the judge of that.
MR. ACHO: Oh. You’re assuming it’s
going to a jury, are you? All right.
MR. RIVERS: We’ll let the jury
consider that.
Now, we’re going to mark this as
Exhibit number 3.
(Deposition Exhibit 3, Letter
dated 5-29-09 with attached
Complaint of Tina Foley, was
marked for identification.)

There are Attorney invoices from Cummings McClorey Davis and Acho P.L.C the law firm for the city showing he did meet with the Mayor on more than one occasion to discuss  the  issue.

From the July 22 2009 invoice #169096 in the month of June you will see several charges regarding the complaint. One charge is for 3.5 hrs the description of the charge is “Continued review of documents, materials and records (Mayor)” From 6/2/09 through 6/30/09 there are 36 different charges relating to this one issue and the Mayor would like all of us to believe that he never knew one thing about this complaint. His assistant under oath say’s she never discussed this matter with the head of our city.

In the Mayors deposition on page 328 from the same case he says,

2 Q. Okay. Did Ms. Foley ever make any accusations of
3 impropriety against you?
4 A. I am not aware of — she objected to some
5 employment issues in my office, yes.
Q. Was that a cut in pay to go to the assessor’s
9 office?
10 A. They never cut her pay.
11 Q. Okay. And you said at some point she asked to come
12 back to the Mayor’s office?
13 A. She had made a request as I understand it back to
14 civil service to come back.
15 Q. Okay. And did you — you opposed that request?
16 A. Correct.
17 Q. And why did you oppose it?
18 A. Because of the fact that there had been a length of
19 time that had happened between the transfer, and we
20 didn’t really want her to come back and assist in
21 that position.
22 Q. And it didn’t have anything to do with her accusing
23 you of any impropriety?
24 A. No.
25 Q. Okay. And, in fact, she did not accuse you of any impropriety at any time?
2 A. Not that I’m aware of.

Now this is a man who is finding out that an employee has accused him of visiting improper sites on his office computer. He is not outraged he does not say what are you talking about? I am appalled or may I have a minute to consult with my attorney. You might say well his assistants deposition was before his so maybe she told him. I thought about that well would it not stand to reason that he would say for the record the first time this was brought to my attention was just a couple of days ago. Something, anything that would indicate that the man knew nothing about it. If his assistant and the lawyer decided to take care of this and went about negotiating with the lawyer for Tina Foley behind his back why do they both still have jobs? Just in legal time that cost the taxpayers $13,750.00 in charges related to this issue. When he looked at the lawyer invoices he never once asked the question what are all of these charges for? What complaint from what employee?

Why would a man who is forever worried about his reputation not want a full investigation into the charges made against him. Even if he found out later? Why would a Mayor have you believe that he did not have a clue about an employee getting the same pay for a position that had a pay grade of $13,000.00 less. If you want to believe the Mayor and his assistant that he did not know anything about it, what does that say about our Mayor? What does it say about how much control his assistant has? Who is really running this city? Is it possible that the assistant to the Mayor can have all these meetings with the lawyer, make the decision on how to proceed with the complaint and decide that she was going to settle this complaint. Did she make the decision that the salary would stay the same? That is an awful lot of major decisions being made by an assistant if you ask me. For all of you asking the question why does the Mayor never do anything about the assistant? How can he look at all she has done for him with or without his knowledge she protected him.


8 thoughts on “Maybe This Is Why?”

  1. Since Elizabeth from the human resource was involved and informed about this matter, than why Tina claim was not processed similar to the clerk matter? And Tina claim should be part of the city public record and subject to FOIA.


  2. The Mayor claims he never knew about it. He said that in his deposition, during the Hassan Jamal lawsuit. His assistant said in her deposition that she never told him. Said that she handled it herself with the lawyers.


  3. Is Tina still working for the city ? Is any investigation to this matter ever took place? If yes what are the findings? Did the city council do anything about Tina allegations?

    Allegation of that kind is very serious.


  4. cover’s his tracks is part of her job, don’t ya know? he keeps her for that purpose. she gets a good salary, and car, what a pathetic pair they are.


  5. That was just 2 years ago? Well just like we see them respond to council and everyone else. They are experts at denying knowledge of any wrong doing by either of them. And they direct their comments so they are deflecting away from the asked question. How convenient for them to say I just don’t know the answer and I never told him.
    Or how is it that she can hide behind city council without discussing the law suit with the mayor if I was to believe any of that i would be considered dumb. I would believe if she did not tell the mayor and went behind his back to city attorneys and human resources that maybe she was trying to set the mayor up for failure… To me this all makes sense and I’m not surprised she was evolved in this law suit against the mayor. little boy who cried wolf…sooner or later nobody believes what you say is true!


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