The Whopper of all Study Sessions..

I am putting up the audio recording of June 7 2011 study session there are some very heated exchanges you can click and listen.

Try this if you can not hear them: You can download the player  it is free after you down load the player left click on the links and press save as I saved the link as a  download file. Go to the player and at the bottom of the player to the left press open on the bottom you will see to the left something that says OTHER there you will have to find the recording that you saved if you save the file to downloads that is where I saved the link. When you click on it it will play it.. You will have to do that for each one of the links. The recoding device used for the council is something that requires this player to open and play them.. It is a lot of work just to listen I have tried some other programs not working..

The following are section about the assistant to the Mayor’s car usage.

Council meetings_6-7-11 9-33_01cc255a79ca7ee0

Council meetings_6-7-11 9-38_01cc255b2cdffc30

Council meetings_6-7-11 9-43_01cc255bdff7c370

Council meetings_6-7-11 9-48_01cc255c930d67d0

Below you will hear the discussion about the ordinance officers cars and the expenses of those cars.  The Building and Engineering department Head you will all so hear from the recreation department.

Council meetings_6-7-11 8-52_01cc2554e11bfc50

Council meetings_6-7-11 8-57_01cc25559433eaa0


10 thoughts on “The Whopper of all Study Sessions..”

  1. New Resident

    I agree it was a study session open to the public to discuss the use of the city paid for cars and the city paid for cell phones. If a taxpayer of Dearborn Heights had first hand knowledge of the car and cell phone being abused they should have let her speak and had her come to the podium. I would say that if anyone has knowledge of abuse of cars or cell phones they should bring it forward to a council meeting.


  2. I need to say the drama the assistant has put on the mayor is a disgrace to our city! she should be fired for her actions! I cant believe that has not already happened!!! The woman who spoke out deserves RESPECT for doing so! She had first hand knowledge of the abuse the assistant was using her car and cell for inappropriate private use and I believe we had the RIGHT to know what she had to say about that abuse and what an appropriate way for her to speak out!! Just so the wife knows, she could sue her in Michigan that is against the law! Cases have been taken to court and won!! GOOD LUCK to her!


  3. Wow!! I agree with Lips, but to the lady who had the guts to confront her at this meeting on these issues YOU are my HERO!! So sorry she had to but what a courageous thing to do!! I hope my daughters grow up to be just as strong!!

    After hearing this I no longer think the mayor or his assistant are professionals what a bad example for our city! GOOD JOB CW BADALOW & CW HORVATH!! I would love to see you stay this strong at every meeting!


  4. Wow, I’m suprised you’re able to post these here. I always thought there are legal issues with mass-distribution of these kinds of recordings; or at least there used to be, maybe the laws have changed. I guess I learn something new everyday.


  5. I got it! I downloaded your suggested player and there it was!
    I can’t believe my ears. These are city employees responding to city council in this way? I just can’t believe it! There are many unemployed people at least as qualified, or more qualified, as these employees, that would give anything to have their job.And these mouthy and disrespectfull employees hold a job, paid by my taxes, and are rude and contentious as this?
    And our Mayor runs his mouth like he has some secret that his assistant knows about? He defends her like she has something in her pocket that she could pull out and really knock his socks off. What is that all about? Why is he acting that way?
    And why is KK an exception to the rule? Again!
    I really would like to know just what is really going on. Remember what I said: The assumption is corruption. Transparency, my friends. Our taxes that we are paying go into the pockets of these people. I want transparency when it comes to where the money goes.
    And thank you so much M. Horvath and J. Badalow, for your strength and courage in speaking up and holding your position. .


  6. Anonymous

    I found out the only way to play the links is to download the player I put instructions on how to do it and save the link I added the instruction in the blog post.


  7. I tried again and could not play them on windows player. I also downloaded the free version of flipmac and that didn’t work, either. I do hope you can figure out another way!! If not, thanks for trying.


  8. They are WAV files I did play them back on my computer at the store with a windows player, but for the Mac laptop I have I could not play them you might have to down load flipmac They do not have a free down load and I did not feel like spending money on a download that I did not know if it would work.. I had to down load a different player just to open the CD that we got from the city I will put up the website for that maybe that will help.


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