Council Say’s No more Asking, We are Telling…

How many way’s does the council have to ask about the deficit? How many times does the council have to ask about a deficit reduction plan? Well around last November the council started asking about the budget and if the city was in a deficit. The Mayor has spent all these months avoiding the answer every one of the council I talked to over the past six, seven months has said that the city is in a deficit budget. The Mayor how ever has maintained we are fine. In his state of the city address it was all rainbows and sun shine well the clouds are here maybe not as bad as other city’s, but deficit is deficit. The council just got tired of getting the run around from this Mayor anyone who has watched the council for the past couple of years understands that is what the Mayor does best give the Council the Run around.

Well not this time they voted at June 28 City Council meeting that the Mayor has until August to put together a (deficit reduction plan.) The Mayor of course would like to wait until the very last-minute to inform the council of anything. He would like to give them something in December, six (6) months into our new budget. Councilwoman Badalow pointed out that the million dollar budget deficit will have an effect on the new budget and that we need to take action now. The city needs to come up with a plan we need to know what we are dealing with. If you understand the past history of the Mayor you will understand that he likes to give everything to the Council last-minute and then tell them ” you have to pass this tonight or the world will come to and end” you know the meening.

Councilwoman Van Houten said “Sooner than Later” the Mayor said that he has already started working on it. Why not with council? The council has no idea what the plan is the Mayor then went on to say that there is something in the new budget to deal with the deficit. At that councilwoman Van Houten said where you submitted a balanced budget. This was said with a look of shock on her face and shock from several of the people sitting by me. The Mayor all so said that there are three people in the room that are now “Financial Managers.” Who are these Financial Managers? That would be the Mayor, the Comptroller, and the Assistant to the Mayor. If I understand right the three of them went to Lansing to find out how to avoid having a Financial Manager come to the city, He did make that statement at one meeting during the budget discussions. Now they are Financial Managers. At one time during the exchange about the deficit reduction plan he said that there are ongoing negotiations that have something to do with the deficit reduction plan, but he can not talk about it. He did however say if you want me to I will, but it is not a good idea to reveal to much of your hand so on and so forth. The council did not push him on it wonder what would have been said if they did.

In the end, come August if the Mayor does not have a plan to give to the council then they will be hiring someone to put together that plan. While other city’s are working hand in hand Mayor’s and city council’s around us to find solutions to each of those city’s deficit’s. Our Mayor is again exercising the (strong) part of the “Strong Mayor Weak Council” to the MAX, but the council is no longer sitting meekly by waiting for the Mayor to give them information that they are more than entitled under the law to information to help them do their jobs.


5 thoughts on “Council Say’s No more Asking, We are Telling…”

  1. Stand

    I was of the understanding that the Mayor went to Lansing to find out how to avoid having a Financial Manager come into the city. The Mayor has to put together a deficit reduction plan and from everything I have seen over the past 7 months this Mayor does not want to have anything to do with it.. I did write a post about this awhile back I do not understand why going to Lancing for a few days makes one bit of difference when it comes to giving a plan to the council and for that matter the taxpayers of this city. It is a no brainier that act 345 is going up that would say a hick in our property taxes. He the Mayor might want to put a millage on the ballot who is to know he is not forth coming with the council or the taxpayers to him it is all secrets, avoidance and out right lying. Financial manager or not he still has to come up with a plan and give it to the council by August or maybe he would like to take them to court on that too. If he would spend as much time finding ways to avoid giving the answers to council and working with them. He would have had something done last year. This Mayor and just about everyone else in this city saw what was coming more than two years ago and he did nothing, but find ways to get around the council avoid answering their questions and making sure they never get any kind of information. “Information is the currency of democracy.” Thomas Jefferson maybe that is why he never want to give it up.


  2. Thank you for the correction, but with respect to council can you explain further? What does that mean if they are trained in knowing the duties of a financial manager? What effect will that have on the budget crisis and what does that have to do with putting together a budget reduction deficit plan?

    I understand a recall must not be an easy thing to do. But for good men to stand and do nothing, nothing will change.

    I hope to see changes made and it wont happen unless action is taken by the citizens as well as council. Just look how well the mayor behaved himself at the last meeting, it is because council took a stand despite their fear. That is what it takes. Good job council it takes courage to do that, I would like to see it happen more often.

    If people are that concerned then why cant the list be private until it is completed? There has to be a way for this to be accomplished without people having fear of what the mayor can do to them.

    Fear is a weakness, its his way of politics & he depends on people to have fear. It will take courage and determination to stand to make a change. Stand STRONG and do not allow fear or intimidation to stop you from doing what is right.

    If you believe the mayor has failed at his job then why should you not put your name on a recall? If we don’t stand united when fear is presented before us then what’s the point of any of this? why have a blog? a council? why not just take what they say as truth?

    I will tell you because it does matter and people are tired of seeing the Mayor and his Assistant walk all over people and think they can do anything they want. We know it is wrong. Time for change.

    I have Googled this but can council or anyone stand and tell ALL of us what is the process to recall this mayor?


  3. Stand

    Doing a recall is not an easy thing to do, and for many in this city they would no want to have their name on any recall effort because they are afraid of what the Mayor might do to them..


  4. Not to defend the Mayor. Far be it from me to do that but I think he said “there are three people including me who are trained in what an emergency financial manager’s duties are”. I don’t recall him saying they ARE financial managers.


  5. I have 2 questions for all council who will answer them. 1. Now they are financial managers so what does that mean, what entitlement does that give them over the budget process or with our city? 2. What is the process we would have to follow to have the Mayor recalled from his position? Please explain details.

    For everyone who reads this please answer this question. How many of you can support the process to have the Mayor recalled?

    I have seen many comments about recalling the Mayor but I have not seen anyone trying to actually do it. I believe anything is possible when you put forth the effort to succeed. Time for action, no more just taking about it, time to make it happen, time for the citizens to take action together.


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