No More Car’s..

Revised Resolution-1


This resolution voted on by the full council all voted yes as of July 1 no more cars to be taken home except by the people listed in the resolution. The Mayor has already said that he is going to take it to court, isn’t that nice spend money on a lawyer for the council and a lawyer for the Mayor both from taxpayer money. This when the city is at a million dollar deficit take the council to court for doing their due diligence. Until a judge come’s and say’s that it is illegal for the council to save money for the city the cars have to be parked. I just wonder what judge is going to tell the council that they are violating the law?


14 thoughts on “No More Car’s..”

  1. Matter of fact

    I agree they do have the power and yes they need to enforce and use the power given to them under the charter.. As for the other comment I am trying to keep that from going public right now because there are some people working on that and want to see it for themselves sorry you are not the only one who has seen it..


  2. If someone does violate charter and is called before council for doing so council could fine them up to 500.00 and or imprisonment of up to 90 days? Charter also states that if mayor does not perform his duties for 90 consecutive days he can be recalled of his duties as mayor. Seems like he is already been in violation by not answering questions and providing information on the budget so council could do their jobs, he has violated charter just by teling assistant she don’t have to respond to council per the charter. If this is correct why should a recall be so dificult? Council IS given the power to enforce charter they just have to use it.


  3. Sean

    I am not surprised after listening to the study session about the cars it was very obvious to me who would be taking their car home and violating the charter and the resolution of the council. This is a rule that has been in our charter from the time the charter was written now it is becoming an issue because first the city has a deficit second there is abuse of the personal use of the city cars. This during the study session you can clearly hear the assistant to the Mayor say she does not own a personal car. I do not ever remember an assistant for the Mayor having a car first and second if they did they still had their own car.. Councilwoman Horvath did not have a city car when she held that position there are many people over the past years that have seen the assistant to the Mayor at various places in the city car. The Dearborn Racquet Club is just one place that has nothing to do with city business that she has taken the city car to.
    This has been something that should have been done years ago how could this Mayor or the council for that matter turn a blind eye for 6 years to someone using a city car for their sole form of transportation. It is not like this has happened in the past year it has been this way from the beginning. Mr. Mayor when you sat on that council when you chaired that council you would have never ever allowed any other administration to violate the charter and brake the rules the way you have. What has happened to you?


  4. Last night someone may have had late meeting or something today I would think every car should be there. I would not know if they were all there or not someone from the council should take a look. You are right about that the rules do not apply to some.


  5. You should have someone check on that!!! As of 5:30 today, at least two city vehicles were not parked as required. Professionals? As they have always done, they are doing what they want! The rules do not seem to apply to some!


  6. The City Council must enforce the charter on those who might disobey the resolution that they (the council passed.) The people that work for the city are professionals they for the most part conduct themselves in a professional manner. I have had several calls asking how the council is going to make sure they park the cars, and what will happen to any who do not park them. I am sure the council never thought about even having to run around making sure that they do not take cars home they I am sure just assume that this is the rule and that is it.
    How ever if an employee of the city violates the charter they can be called before the council and disciplined. Like I said they are professionals they will conduct themselves in that manner.


  7. These people will probally take them anyways and the mayor will justify it somehow, Im just wondering how this is going to be enforced? Can someone explain what disciplinary actions will be taken if they take a car when not on call or not on city business?


  8. Very good news! Maybe the judge will ask why the Mayor needs a car. I really hope the people of Dearborn Heights see how this Mayor has run the city into the ground and is still wanting more!


  9. Mayor, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, K9 unit police officers, Police officers assigned to the special operations unit, and only on call DPW, water, bldg and Maintenance only on the days that they are on call.


  10. Our Mayor said he is taking OUR CITY COUNCIL to court? Wow, why is he OUR mayor? WE are a broke city with NO MONEY! WE NEED TO PARK THE CARS! THIS IS JUST CRAZY!!


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