It’s Complicated..

Comments on an alleged affair between two city employees were made public during recent city council meetings, casting a spotlight on the long-rumored relationship between one of the city’s lead labor negotiators and the former steward of the city’s largest employee union.

The two players involved are mayoral executive assistant Krystina Kramarz and Department of Public Works employee John Laslo, who until recently was steward of the local chapter of American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Kramarz is responsible for numerous executive duties, serving in a capacity similar to a chief of staff, and usually represents the mayor’s office in opening discussions about labor contracts. As union steward, Laslo was responsible for monitoring AFSCME’s collective bargaining agreement with the city to ensure compliance in addition to other roles. Read Full Story

The Mayor Say’s “He (Laslo) was not representing the union during any negotiations when and if a relationship developed between the two,” he said.

Laslo just recently stepped down as union steward he was representing the union during the negotiations as the steward PLEASE stop. If you think nothing is wrong with it Mr. Mayor fine that is your opinion but please go back and take a look at the date he stepped down and the date of the Union Contract negotiations. Better yet the Press and Guide should be asking for this information (fact check) Please…

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5 thoughts on “It’s Complicated..”

  1. Private,
    Deductions or concessions? The DPW did not take any concessions in their new contract. They did not get a raise, but did not give concessions. They did however get this new fatigue pay that was discussed in a post called “pay me while I sleep”. I’m pretty sure other AFSCME union members didn’t get an additional perk like this. And how could you not have a problem with them dating? I guess if you lie and cheat, you’re an excellent representative for the city, right? Hello? He’s married. I DO have problems with cheaters. It makes you wonder if the city is being cheated!!!!


  2. For us who live & work in this city this is old news, nothing was done about it before it hit the papers & we all knew including the mayor. What a shame! To think my taxes have paid what, $65.00 a month toward her cell phone & the monthly cost for the city car for her to do this? She should be held to a higher standard for the management of this city! Reflects badly to the Mayor again, but why wont he stand up to her?

    I’m so glad council have parked managements car’s at night, just a good example why our taxes shouldnt pay for ANYONE to have a city paid car 24/7. I remember the inapproiate gesture to council before walking out of the meeting she has no respect for others that is what all of this says to me! Just is too many exceptions made to the Assistant and her behavior! This is a real nice lady we have working for us in the Mayor’s office? What a nice guy to do this to his wife! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


  3. Anonymous said this June 5th. Read: Pay me while I sleep!!!

    “Fatigue pay” as they call it. What kind of joke is this? Workers get paid OVERTIME to work these hours BY CHOICE and then turn around and get paid for the next day off to sleep. I know you said that you won’t post things about peoples personal lives, but I know EXACTLY why this has happened. The clerks that work for the city have always gotten less than than the DPW. It will never change. Especially now. And Kathy, you know the reason. Although you won’t post it here, it is 100% true! But I respect your decision not to!

    Also Read: A road paved with Threats is a well traveled road in Dearborn Heights!

    Well there was one women who had a little something to say about that. Cindy Laslo said “So Mr. Mayor it is okay that she takes the city car to another city to sleep with my husband all night.” This woman says she was parked outside of that house waiting for her husband to come out of it. The assistant to the Mayor did not have much to say and when the head of the DPW department wanted to get up and talk on her behalf councilwoman Badalow told him we are not talking about your car we are talking about her car you can have a seat. She went on to say that everyone else was willing to get up and talk about why they should get to keep their car why not her? The Mayor replied because I told her not to and the council has already made up your minds so I told her she does not have to answer any of your questions. Well Mr. Mayor what about our questions? what about us the taxpayers what about the people who are paying the bills here? I guess the better question here is why only her Mr. Mayor why did you tell only your assistant that she did not have to answer the council questions? Everyone who works for the city has to answer to the council and they have to answer to us, all of you including yourself Mr. Mayor have to answer to us. When asked about the assistant to the Mayors cell phone she was quick to say how much work she gets done over the phone through text messaging. The phone according to her is used a lot for disciplinary reasons when asked isn’t that a job for the Human Resource department? She said no they only do the paper work I do all the disciplining. Does she have the power to do what ever she wants to whom ever she wants? She is willing to give her text messages to the council to let them see how much work she does over the phone. Councilwoman Badalow said she would like to see them, but one look from the Mayor and his assistant clammed right up. What is being said in those text messages? The same woman that talked about the city car also said that the stipend-paid-for city cell phone was also used to send her husband nude pictures I confirmed from three different sources that this was said and who said it..

    My thought: How can anyone think that the DPW didnt get anything? No big contract but dont forget how clerks were bullied and threatened to pass that contract. This could have been a part of the negotiation strategies? Her idea or the mayors, they wanted to settle the contract how bad?How unethical is that? Maybe she did use her position to reward him? Maybe she made promises that entice him? Maybe a favor here or there? How do you know? You dont, not when sex/money is involved.

    No problem with them dating? Would you say that if this was to happen to you? Or if you intrusted her to represent you for your best intrest with your money? We all have an intrest in how our budget & tax dollars were negotiated & we want to know how much this will cost the city? Give it time there will be law suits filled over this. To accept this is as wrong as it is to cheat!! How can anyone in the city NOT have a problem with this? WOW!! If there was ever a time to question her position as assistant to the Mayor I think it is now! Christine Beatty and Kwame all over again, what else will we discover as time goes on? What a shame on the city of Dearborn Heights!


  4. It is my understanding that the DPW took deductions and did not really get any new benefits or raises. I really do not have a problem with them dating as long as she did not use her position and award a big contract to the DPW.


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