A Warning Shot..

According to the Mayor, “City Hall is a buzz waiting to see what you Council are going to be giving up from your salary.”

This is what the Mayor said a few weeks ago to the council during a study session. According to those that were there Councilwoman Horvath said, “when I ran for this seat I did not even know a salary come’s with it so if you want it Mr. Mayor go ahead and take it.” This man has no shame he would make a statement like this to the council whom by the way did not even come near this office budget. This council did not ask the Mayor to give up even 1% and they should have. This council did not take one dollar away from his total office budget and they should have. Instead of humbly keeping his mouth shut he looks at them and ask them what they are going to be giving up.

Well they do not want to say it so I will “What did you give up Mr. Mayor?” Oh that’s right the budget is approved as is and you did not give up one penny. While Mayor’s in surrounding communities have taken cuts, you look to the people who are making $9,000.00 a year to sit on the council to give up from their salary. You have a car that is paid for by the taxpayers a cell phone that is paid for by the city. You live in a rented home so you pay no taxes to our city while every one of the council members owns a home and pays taxes to the city. They do not get city cars, they do not get a cell phone stipends they are very simply serving their community.


5 thoughts on “A Warning Shot..”

  1. Private,

    Your comments are all over the place, not as clear as you may think. I understand what I read quite well and I do see that your choice of words are not making much sense. In fact I read your statement and I think why would someone ramble over several different issues going back and forth from one to another.

    Your words are disturbing to me. You don’t seem to care about much of anything the mayor and his assistant does, but you do seem to care about defending them every chance you get.


    Like I said before the mayor renting and not owning a home here does make me think. Why should he care what our homes will be valued at in a few years? What will he care if the budget fails and if our services have to be cut? Does he really care what kind of future this city will have?

    YOU might think he has done his part, but I think his part as MAYOR has been hurting our city!! I think his part will have an long lasting negative effect for our city. I agree this city is changing and I’m not talking politically either but I think that it has changed for the worse not the better and I also think he DID DO HIS PART MAKING THAT HAPPEN.

    I really don’t care where he moves when he is no longer mayor, in fact I would like to see him resign and leave the city tomorrow. I’m so sick of this mayor and his assistant I think they are an embarrassment for our city because of their actions and behavior! I believe when you treat others with RESPECT you get RESPECT. They come across as rude and selfish people and they are so disrespectful to others. I think they are self serving people that only care about what benefits them.

    Who cares what Allen Park does? Who cares if council gets medical benefits? If you add all of council’s pay together you would probably get a number close to what we pay for just the mayor or just the assistant. The mayor wants to sue council because he doesn’t want his cars parked to save some money, so how in the world can you justify asking concessions from council? He gives them enough grief they deserve what little they get!

    Like I said the mayor should give up his assistant!! We don’t need to have a witch hunt here on this site, they cast that opinion upon themselves by treating others so badly.


  2. Really??

    Read my post again because it is not confusing you just need to understand what you read..
    In reference to the practice what you preach it clearly states that I am referring to the mayor’s office and council.
    If the mayor decides to move out of the city someday that is his business. He has done his part as council, mayor and long time resident. This city is changing and I don’t blame him if he leaves and I am not talking about the politics. Do you plan on staying here your entire life….I don’t!.
    Council wants concessions so yes I do think they along with the mayors office should take concessions. Allen Park city council was voting on giving up 3 months of their pay to help the city. I may be wrong, but I understand that some of the council members still get health care benefits.


  3. Hey Private – The Mayor should just give up his assistant!

    Why is this site the reason you use the word witch hunt?

    Are you describing the Mayor’s assistant as the witch? That is how I see the description. Mostly because of her actions & her behavior but put a black hat on her and seems very fitting.

    The saying, dont shoot the messenger is goes in this situation. This is stuff that comes from her actions! Stuff SHE DOES! Not this site, this site is just the messenger!

    Your comment is confusing, are you telling the council to practice what you preach? The Mayor and his assistant could also practice what they preach.

    Personally, I think it matters that he is renting because it shows lack of committment to the city. What are his plans when he is no longer mayor? He can simply get out of here, WITHOUT selling a house here, he has no real investment here himself so why would he care what he leaves us with?

    YOU DO THE MATH, Mayors very words to council, RIGHT? Well council seems to put at least 10 hours a week into their part time job right, they seem to read and be knowledgeable & prepared for these 2+ hrs weekly meetings, so that seems to be a fair actually low estimate.
    10 hrs / week for 52 weeks is 520 hrs/year at $9000 /520 yearly hrs = $17.31 per hour that is $173.07 per week. Dont make it sound like we cant do the math! This seems reasonable not OVER paid like you claim.


  4. I agree that the mayor should give up something since employees have given back, but I also believe that the council should give back. $9,000 per year is a nice income for a part time job when you choose to run for the position. I believe that everyone should have to pitch in and that includes the mayors office and council. You need to practice what you preach. The comment and high lighted section about the mayor living in a rental house is why I use the word witch hunt. At least he is living in the city and taxes are being paid on the home through the rent that is being paid. The mayor was a Dearborn Heights homeowner and taxpayer for many many years so who cares if he is currently renting.


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