A Mayor, A Clerk, A Treasurer, and a Seven Member City Council.

That folks is what the charter say’s there has to be in the city. For anyone who is running for office of the Clerk campaigning that they would like to Combined the Clerk and Treasurer into one office is trying to circumvent us the voters.. This can only be done by the vote of the people per the charter not by someone running for the Clerks office. The elected clerk does not have the power to combine the two offices. We have a system of government here in this country and the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and the Seven Member council are elected by us. There is no messing around with this there is no joining of office’s each of these two office’s does two very different and very important things. The Clerk is the keeper of the records, and the Treasurer is the keeper of the money. I do not want the Clerk in charge of my Money and I do not want the Treasurer in charge of the records. I did not vote for that there was nothing on any ballot that I remember giving anyone the power to change the charter reflecting that..

It had to be put on two different ballots in-order to separate the Library from the Recreation Department, but someone running for the clerks position thinks they can just walk in (if elected) and say okay here is what is going to happen. I am now doing it all what is next they will say we will combined the Mayors office with the Clerk and the Treasurer. This is what I have heard from more than one person that a candidate is going around and saying. Why does everyone think they can just smash our rights? Why is it that everyone is forgetting that we have a charter that is the law of this city those are the rules that have to be followed. The charter can only be changed by us the Voters. So if you hear any candidate saying this kind of none sense please set them straight and sure as hell do not Vote for them..


6 thoughts on “A Mayor, A Clerk, A Treasurer, and a Seven Member City Council.”

  1. Ray

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog and for everything that you say at council meetings. I to wish more people would come to council, but understand their fears. Many of the people working in the city have been there for years they have seen Mayors come and go. The difference is they have never had a Mayor who sets the example, do what ever you want no one is going to stop us.. Break the rules who cares no one can touch us.. You are right we are the boss he may have been elected, but that does not mean he can run rot-shot with our city. In other city’s they vote to take away a car and it is done they are parked not here they pass the resolution and some have decided no I do not think I will follow that rule. Why should they when they have a boss who is showing is total disrespect for the council, the charter, and the taxpayers of this city..


  2. Cathy, your doing a great job in keeping the tax payers of DbnHgts well informed. It is amazing that people talk about what is going on in city hall but never speak up at council meetings. I am one who is not scared to speak up if I know what I am saying is the truth. I wish more people would come to council meeting and support those of us who speak up. I think everyone that holds a position in the city are good people but have lost thiert way, they forget that we the people are the boss. Just because they get elected does not mean we work for them.
    Ray Muscat


  3. New Voice

    I have not heard of any TV stations asking anyone any questions. I have not been asked any questions and there is no way for them to know who writes on the blog I do not even know who the people are that write here. There are very few people that come here and use their name councilwoman Horvath and councilman Berry have used their names here I of coarse use my name but no one has contacted me about anything. I have not heard of anyone who participates at CCM getting contacted by the media my husband who has been very out spoken at council meetings has not been contacted by anyone. If true I am very happy that residents are calling the TV stations if these stations do contact the council member’s I hope they will be forth coming with what has been going on in this city. I hope they will not skirt around the issues “tell it like it is” this mayor has treated the council horrible and there are still issues that are left unresolved.

    The only lawsuit I know about right now is one brought against some police officers and the police chief if there are any kind of lawsuits against the Mayor and his assistant have heard nothing about it. The budget was not put together by the assistant only the Mayor did work on this budget and if anyone should be held responsible for the budget it should be the Mayor. There is no way that the Mayor and his assistant would cut even one penny from the Mayor’s office budget I did not see the council even question his office budget I thought for sure that they would have said something. You are right the taxpayers should be outraged.


  4. I have heard that TV stations were notified by residents and they are now investigating the drama of Dearborn Heights city hall. Mostly because it does resemble what Detroit has been through with the mayor & his assistant actions are so similar. Their focus is the mayors treatment of council, the hostile working environment at city hall, his favoritism with his assistant and her failed job responsibilities along with her continuous drama and scandal. The unrealistic budget she prepared with no cuts from the mayors offices or pay. The city paid cars that they are all still taking home as well as the paid cell phone abuse and misuse. Is it true they are interviewing citizens that participate in ccm and your blog site? Is there law suits now filed in the millions against the city, mayor and his assistant? Just wondering was told that this is possible to happen soon. If no then WHY not? Seems to be enough evidence to take this city to the cleaners!!! Tax payers should be outraged by the mayor & assistants behavior. They could & should end up in law suits over all of it!!!


  5. Sean

    Sorry can not do that right now there are reasons, but as soon as I can I will put it up here I thought it was important enough to put out at least the information without the name just in case this candidate is talking in-front of any of you about this subject. I soon as I can it will be up here.


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