This is what we have to deal with…

Mayor refuses to discuss after-hours use of vehicle by his assistant

The headline says it all here is some of what is in the article

Council passed on an examination of the mayor’s vehicle, but tensions rose when it tried to get more information on use of the vehicle assigned to the mayor’s assistant, Krystina Kramarz.

Councilwoman Marge Horvath said she thinks the assistant’s car should be used during business hours only and stay on City Hall grounds otherwise.

Mayor Dan Paletko said he didn’t want Kramarz to come to the podium, and he didn’t want to discuss her city-issued car at this time. He said it would only start one big argument.

“This is an inquisition,” he said. Read Full Story



11 thoughts on “This is what we have to deal with…”

  1. Private your comments about the mayor’s assistant being able to take a city car is not very well thought out. OR?? It must be hard for you to breath let alone think with their pockets up against your nose?? EVERYONE hears the mayor yell at counsel so please make an educated decision and have your facts!! WELL I think the FACTS are in & here are just a few we have seen.
    1. The mayor’s assistant only has a high school diploma, NICE resume.

    2. She should not be in the position she has & she is only there because the mayor is the only one who feels she is qualified for the job, everyone else who knows her knows her resume does not qualify her for the job.

    3. She has failed over & over with most and all of her job responsibilities: The NSP is one recent failure that all tax payers need to be concerned with: Then the union contract negotiations are a joke nobody should trust her negotiation strategies because you never know what department she is “working” for??? Then there is this budget we can all see that is not realistic, over inflated in some areas and under inflated in others, seriously the financial world would laugh at that, it’s just ridiculous!!! Seriously, what is her job description?? She don’t provide necessary answers when simple questions are asked by council, she is told she does not have to answer to council and then most disrespectfully she has avoided giving answers to council by hiding behind the attorney’s and then throwing a not so nice gesture before leaving & IT WAS seen by the residents who were there & residents talk!!! (Council you really could have held out the extra 10 days you had to review that budget further you had the time to use, us residents would have appreciated the effort to wait instead of passing it right after your in chamber discussion, its OK to take a stand on NO!)

    4. Then there is the intimidation factor everyone knows that the work environment there is not what it should be. Employee’s are afraid to speak their minds in fear of retaliation because if you don’t agree with the assistant and what she does or is doing then YOU are excluded, if your “in” your “in” and if your are “out” well…… then you could be outed right out the door!!! and everyone knows it!!!

    5. The use of her city paid vehicle, by our tax dollars used mostly for her personal use and from what I hear I would not want my tax dollars paying for what she has been doing on her “private” time with the city vehicle!! Private just because you hold a position with the title assistant to the mayor, does not give you entitlement to have a city paid vehicle 24/7 and in our little city she shouldn’t be treated any differently then any other employee or council member!! Everyone deserves respect and dignity from their employer and our mayor only show’s it for her!! Kinda favoritism’s there?? OH YEAH,WE THE RESIDENTS SEE IT!!! TO BAD THE EMPLOYEES CANT GROUP TOGETHER AND PUT A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST THEM BOTH!!! WITH THE EVIDENCE I HAVE SEEN THEY REALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE A PROBLEM PROVING A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT. (THAT WOULD BE WORTH MY TAX DOLLARS PAYING FOR!!!)

    The way I see it, its either that or a house with 4 corners standing that wont sell anytime soon as expected!!! Don’t you think everyone is just sick of this assistant and her drama! She creates a bad situation for the mayor and our city & I’m sure he see’s it but I wonder why he continues to support her?? Doesn’t seem like Mayor Bing, at least he is considering his city and city employees and the law suits that were filed. Is that what it will take for someone to stand up to them for him to take action?? Mayor Bings communication director at least had a resume and degree to back her and she speaks so intelligently and he fired her??? Well what is OUR MAYOR WAITING FOR??


  2. Private,

    I was simply staying on topic. The posting is about the mayor refusing to discuss after-hours use of vehicle by his assistant. This was an article published in the press and guide. Kathy was merely sharing the link. I have expressed my opinion on other employees taking vehicles home on other postings. NOBODY should be taking them home. And we can see from recent incidents just why this shouldn’t happen. Also, with the city in such a financial crisis, there should be NO extras! I don’t care if somebody lives down the street, there is no accountability for them after they have left the buildings.

    I do not believe this site is a “witch hunt”. But, I guess if you are doing things on the up and up, there would be nothing to talk about, right?


  3. Private

    I will give you the Mayor moving is office may not be that big of a deal, but I do take issue with the Mayor hijacking council meetings. I take issue with his yelling finger pointing and avoidance of answering questions. I take issue with the lies, and I take issue with him calling a council trying to do their job irresponsible. I take issue with information the council asked for to do their elected job not forth coming that is why I wish he would not come to the council meetings that is why I pointed out that he should not be there anymore.

    I will agree to disagree with you about the assistant and there are many reasons for my objection to the car going home with her one is that she does not even own her own car and is trying to let us beleive that she only put 15 personal miles from August of 2010 to March of 2011. There is much more but I will not lay it all out now there are others that will be looking into the rest of it. I agree the 50+ miles each way is a very big problem the whole issue of them taking cars home at night should have ended long ago this should not be such a fight. Other city’s take away cars with out all the “hoopla” that is going on over this issue. Every time this council try’s to do something this is what happens something that should have been a very simple thing to do has turned in to a circus.

    There is going to be a study session with the company that councilman Berry is encouraging the council to look into if I remember I think it is tomorrow night.


  4. drheights48127

    I can understand if you bring an issue here to discuss that concern’s the taxpaying citizens. Like I said in the past some of the issue are important, but if the Mayor wants to move his office or if he sit;s at the council table it is not a big deal. Like I said in my post the assistant having a car is not a big deal to me and I think it should be one of the few positions to have a car. She was singled out of all the people that take cars home. Like I said I think the real issue should be focused on the people who live outside the city and are driving cars and trucks 50+ miles each way. You do the math and that is costing us taxpayers a whole lot of money. The council could always look into putting the assistant on a mileage plan.


  5. Private

    I think Councilwoman Horvath would take issue with your statement she did not have a city car when she was the assistant to the Mayor.. I understand you are addressing Sean, but I take issue with the “witch hunt” statement for only two people. There is no “witch hunt” here it is amazing to me that when taxpayers speak up about issues in the city it is called a witch hunt. Me and the others including yourself are not making these problems in the city this site is just putting them in a public light. Someone has to do it. If we do not talk about it does that mean that it is not happening.. There is issues that go back over two years and longer and nothing has been done about them..
    That is all I wanted to say..


  6. Sean,

    Like I said before everyone on this site is on a witch hunt for this one person beside the Mayor. In the past the Mayor and his assistant have been given a car. I am more concerned about the employee’s who live out of the city that are taking home vehicle’s. It is my understanding that some of these vehicle’s are being driven up to 50 miles each way so you do the math. So to answer you question I still do not have a problem with the Mayor and assistant having a car. It has been past practice and will probably continue into the future.


  7. Really, ‘Private’? If you are a taxpayer, I guess you like footing the bill for a car payment, maintenance, gas, etc. for a car that is driven around after hours for personal use. One of these people you have mentioned admitted not even OWNING a car. Add up all of those things and please post again if you REALLY think this person should be taking home a car. It’s WRONG and I don’t like MY tax dollars wasted on someone that won’t buy their own car!


  8. City cars need to be taken away from all city employee’s except the Mayor, his assistant and the police and fire chief. If one of these 4 employee’s live out of the city then take the car away from them too.


  9. Yeah, he is totally out of control. someone needs to deflate his big head. full of himself, he is.
    your comment of $%&^**&^%, just to much.
    Glad your back lips. always interesting. your a breath of fresh air, and in this stinky mess of a city!!!!


  10. “Off with their heads!!” Plastered across the newspaper, the mayor shows what a moron he is. Why does he keep embarrassing our city? Who in the heck does he think he is? It’s one thing to show your ass in your office, quite another to do it at a televised meeting, and quite another to have it plastered across the newspaper! When is someone going to de-$%^& this mad dog?
    As I have said before, when questions are asked and answers are refused or avoided, the assumption is corruption. Now we don’t even have to assume, the corruption is right out there on their faces!


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