Walking Down to The Willow Patch…

When I was younger my father, when I was really bad and it was not often would hand me his pocket knife and send me down the block to what we called the “Willow Patch.” He would send me down there to cut my own “switch” telling me it better not break when I go to spank you.. Well I would take that knife walk very slowly down the street and spend as much time as I could finding just the right one to get punished with.. It was harder going to that “Willow Patch” than the punishment given when I got back home..

I bring this up because last night the Mayor was taken to the “Willow Patch” by one of the residents. This man had been at last Tuesdays study session and was not at all happy with the Mayor.  telling the Mayor he was not happy with the way the Mayor acted on Tuesday night study session. He did not like the way he treats the council or the public. He went on to say that if he could not control his self to leave the council meeting, or suggesting that the Mayor take “Anger Management Classes.” He told the Mayor that he yelled and shouted at the council. This is not the first time the Mayor has yelled at council not the first time he has pointed his finger at them. Shouted them down, insulted them, or threatened them no not the first time, but this is the first time that a resident has called him out on it.. The Mayors total lack of respect for the council or the council meeting in general is nothing new. Sometimes it’s a good thing to take that walk to the “Willow Patch” find that switch just the right one and bring it back to get your punishment.

The anger management portion of that exchanged was cut from the aired council meeting…


1 thought on “Walking Down to The Willow Patch…”

  1. of course it was. the mayor is in control of what we watch on the dearborn heights community channel too!
    who is micro-managing who and what mr.mayor? You are a control freak.
    i congradulate the resident for having the brass cahunas for saying what they did.
    The mayor needed to have a kick in the pants.


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