Sorry Missed it.. More Change Orders for the NSP

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Every time there is a change order for one of the NSP house’s I am surprised not sure why and I shouldn’t be after seeing and hearing what I have in the past two years.. Yet again at the June 14 city council meeting (Change Orders) from CEDD Director Amen for 5975 Silvery Lane, 4160 Lincoln, 8436 Colonial, 8273 Silvery Lane, and 4903 Lincoln. In the thousand of dollars why? Council approved them do they have a choice? NO, if they do not approve then the work stops and a house half-finished sits.

Director Amen has inherited this program along with the many screw ups the biggest is the fact that the specs were not done right from the beginning and the city is paying the price for all of it.. This all at a time when the city is in a deficit budget and strapped for money. More money has to be spent from the general fund and cross you fingers and wait around for it to come back.. We have all seen just how long it takes to get the money back.. When was the last time someone took a look at when money came back from the state? When was the last time someone asked how much is out standing waiting to be paid back?

This is like a lot of things that happen in this city “something is started and then not followed through.”.That is what one council member told me this week. The NSP program has fallen to the wayside with the many, many other issues the city is trying to deal with. Just when they (the council) get one fire out there is another one started.. The NSP is over budget all administration cost will come out of the general fund as of several months ago.. Any work that the third-party administration company is, or will do on the NSP their invoices will be paid from the general fund and the State will not reimburse the city for those expenses.. Most of you are well aware that the city can spend up to 10% of the total amount of the grant on administering it..That 10% was spent long ago.. This is only the beginning with the news a month or so ago about the house with all the water damage that none of these people saw. This house is 90% gone according to the then NSP program manager. Not to worry the four corners are left on the house. The city is going to pay to rebuild a whole new house and nothing can be done about it..

Well I am asking for one of the council members to please find out how much we are out and waiting for the state to pay back. I would also ask you to find out for all of us how much has been paid back to the city? Have either of the two homes completed sold? If they did for how much? I would call one of the council members, but I do not want to bother any of them.. So if any of you are reading this please drop us a line and give us the latest information about this program..


8 thoughts on “Sorry Missed it.. More Change Orders for the NSP”

  1. i believe it was fordson st? yes, water damage after awhile can be smelly. i didnt get out of my
    i know there is an expense for changing the charter, but it still should be visited, and when we do have money change it. our hands are tied till we can change our style of government.
    that’s fustrating.


  2. Mona

    Where is that house I do not remember? I find it outrageous that a house can have so much damage (water damage) and no one noticed it.. When there is that much water damage you can smell it, even if you can not see signs of if..
    The expense for changing the charter from everything I under stand is very large I do not think this is something the city can afford to do at this point.. Understanding the pros and cons of each system is something to talk about. Here is just one thing to think about if you have a strong council system and the council can not agree with each other what happens the city comes to a complete stand still.. I think I would like the council to have more of a say in the administration if you have a Mayor who refuses to do what needs to be done with one of his appointees when can the council step in? Never from what I see this is disturbing to me even when the council is aware of wrong doing they can not take steps to stop what is going on..
    Just look at what has happened over the cars there is more than one incident of car abuse and they can not pass a resolution to park them at night. Over the past two year I have heard several council members talk about the cars and how they are being abused you would think that they were all on the same page about this subject. When it came time for a vote not so much one council member that I thought would never back down on the car issue did..


  3. Kathy,
    Any more info on the “4 corners” house?
    I drove past it a couple of weeks ago. it must be really bad on the inside, because the outside
    is so so for a forclosure. If the specs are being done by just a drive by, i can see why this
    penny for pound is a great statement to describe this program.
    We as citizens should really look into the charter, and see if we need to “again revisit” the
    what it says about how our city is run, and possibly have that changed.
    This city is not big enough to have the strong mayor system. Big cities like detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, etc…… but we are not even close to having a 100,000 people in this city, to warrant that kind of government.


  4. Councilwoman Horvath

    Thank you so much for the information we know it will take a long time to fix what was done in this program and I for one think somethings are not fixable.. Like I said he has inherited a mess not of his making I wish him the best of luck trying to fix all of it.. When all is said and done I would like to see how much out of the general fund will be paid? I think invoice from our third party administrator for April, May and after will be coming out of the general fund not getting reimbursed from the state.. Something to keep a close eye on if you could please..


  5. To date the city has received nearly $700,000 of the NSP money. I think that now that it is in the department where it was born we have to give them time to fix things. I don’t think it will be an easy job but let them do their job.


  6. Lips

    I will start working on a blog post about it.. One thing I have been told over and over again is “We have a weak council strong Mayor system.” The whole thing with the NSP is “in for a penny in for a pound.” That is the problem that we have.


    Who are the morons here? How long do we let them do these insane things?? I have had it. I have really had it.
    I have talked with a few of our council members and they have explained to me how things work in our fair city. The government here is different than in most other cities. Did anyone know that? Kathy, can you provide an explanation on how our city’s type of government is run and follow it up with who’s responsible and what we can do to knock the crap out of these problems? We have got to stop them, and fast. Knowledge is the key here, moaning, groaning and bi***ing ain’t workinjg and we have to stop them now!


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