Setting the FOIA record straight…

There was not the “Crazy” $15,000 dollar amount spent on answering Mr. Zouher Abdel-Hak’s FOIA request as the Mayor tried to mis-inform the public back in April. No that is not the case after again reviewing all the invoices for the last year and a half it was discovered that the amount is for all FOIA request by all the people asking is $9,472.00 That amount in my opinion is to high we do have a FOIA coordination who is suppose to be handling the FOIA request. Not a lawyer for $120.00 an hour no that is not how it is suppose to be councilwoman Horvath said that when she was the FOIA coordinator she answered them unless it was related to the police department.. Reviewing these records we found that some of the FOIA request were very simple request and yet they were sent to the lawyer..  It seems that the FOIA coordinator/assistant to the Mayor/former NSP program manager likes to out source her work..  On the taxpayers dime how much could be saved if the FOIA coordinator would be answering these? In the thousands of dollars for sure. When is the misspending of taxpayer money going to stop? Who is going to stop it? When is the administration going to take a look at who they have doing these jobs and decide that this is just not acceptable?


2 thoughts on “Setting the FOIA record straight…”

  1. Everyone with a brain knew that was a lie when it fell out of his mouth (cost of the FOIA’s). The admin hasn’t looked around lately to see who is doing what job, the mayor figures someone will do it, it is obvious that he isn’t. As the city is drowning, the mayor will not be putting his hand out to save it, he will be stepping on our faces as he goes on to bigger and better things….
    I, for one, am tired of his boot prints on my city’s face. Can’t anyone stop him?


  2. she doesn’t want to do her job. get paid for the job, but not do it. either she is a slacker, or she isn’t qualified to do the job.


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