Notice for Absentee Ballot Applications..

Tonight the clerk asked if we could help out, absentee ballot applications have been mailed out. In an effort to save money the Clerk sent out an application for both the primary and the general election. When you fill out the application you have the option for the primary the general or both. If you would like to receive an absentee ballot for the primary and the general election you have to check both boxes.

This way if both boxes are checked you will not receive another absentee ballot application in November you will just receive you ballot..


3 thoughts on “Notice for Absentee Ballot Applications..”

  1. Anonymous

    I do not want to put up your phone number here so I am going to pass it on to the person you left it for.

    I did not think you want to have your number known..


  2. Lips

    He did say that they are calling people who may have checked only one box to ask them if they want to receive an absentee ballot for the general election only too…


  3. Great. After the absentee ballot applications are mailed out and mailed back. Good start. Yep, he is asking for help now, and after hiring extra folks on the city payroll. And he doesn’t need Judy anymore, eh? Am I right? If I am wrong, please let me know. Saving money? Hiring extra people to help? Asking for more help? Hmm.


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