Who’s Micro Managing Who?

I put the link up to this story because I want all of you to look at the picture and look at where the Mayor for the city of Dearborn sits.. Click Here do you notice that the Mayor is sitting behind the council not at the council table.. In other city’s they sit off to the side. Not here in Dearborn Heights the Mayor is right there with the council. The word micro managing has been used many times in the past couple of weeks by the Mayor claiming the council is micro managing and this is not the first time he has said this. Any time the council wants to take away anything or make a change in the way the city is run the Mayor cries Micro Managing..

I would say “how does it feel Mr. Mayor?” For the past two years I have watched you Micro Manage this council. I have watched you bully them, yell at them, insult them. You criticize you name call and you try to many times succeed in taking over the meeting. You interrupt, go off on story telling time, interject your opinion and down right show contempt for the council. In short Mr. Mayor you have been Micro Managing the council for a very long time. Here is a link to same picture but larger

The charter does not call for demand or insist that the Mayor is up at the table interjecting his self in ever conversation..  (e)   He may attend all meetings of the Council with the right to take part in the discussions, but without the right to vote; Source: Charter for the city of Dearborn Heights.

He may attend does not say he has the right to sit at the table, the right to take part not to hijack the meeting to turn it around to favor himself. To take part in the discussions not to bully, insult, name call, yell, and shout. To participate in the discussion only. Mr. Mayor you left the council years ago  your duties on the council ended when you resigned your position.


5 thoughts on “Who’s Micro Managing Who?”

  1. Private,

    Duh!! Ahh, we care! WE all pay taxes and most of council issues are because he sits at their table!

    You claim to take note of what is said & make your own decisions? Well we do too & we see how our tax dollars have been run into the ground by the decisions made by the mayor.

    I will and can talk about her for not having the education to support her resume because she makes mistakes that end up costing us the taxpayers money! AND WHEN IT IS TRUE IT CAN BE SPOKEN, IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! A person who has a college degree can respect the dedication and hard work effort it takes to be committed & accept the full work responsibilities of being assistant to the mayor!

    So, yes people do take issues with her thinking she can do whatever she wants with no accountability for actions! We are tired of seeing her protected by the mayor. Time for our tax dollars stop paying for these kind of things and get someone who can actually do this job.

    Mr. Mayor we the citizen see this and we are telling what is happening, we know ALL of this is true, we have seen it ourselves and you know it is true. Your are not the ONLY people who can be represented by an attorney! Who knows maybe the fed’s might just be looking into all of this very soon! Maybe you could just ask Kwamee how his years as mayor was questioned, I’m sure he would enjoy having you visit?


  2. private , actions speak louder than words. The mayor’s actions, and his assistant can be questioned.
    he doesn’t need a bigger office, just further away from the public.
    yes i can throw stones at the assistant. with everything that is coming into question.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we shall see what we shall see, private.


  3. Anonymous,

    You caught me I am a mole from within the Mayors office. I don’t agree with everything that the Mayor is doing, but I also am not on a witch hunt with every minor thing they do. Take home city cars concern me, losing the ACO concerns me, taxes concern me, but where the Mayor’s office is located or where he sits at a council meeting does not concern me. I listen to both sides on issues and make my determination from what is said. You should not throw stones about the Mayors Assistant only having a high school education because at least she can write a complete sentence that makes sense.


  4. private, every time you come to the the blog, you always seem to want to change the
    channel that we the citizens are on.
    You speak as though you are the mayor, or possible one of his pocket people.
    we do need to get back to the issues, and the issues are posted on the blog by Kathy.
    i don’t like the fact that you seem to be ok that the mayors behavior is excetable.
    that is a issue that we should discuss. he doesn’t represent the city in a good light.
    he represents us and not in a good way i must say.
    he is allowing his assistant the high school graduate negotiate our city contracts, who has no
    experience what so ever. She gave them the store, private. not to mention misusing the nsp money, and her vehicle
    and cell phone for the latest stint, these are issues that I do take personal private, cause its our tax money.
    If you don’t feel this administration is not wasting our money, then again you must the mayor, or one of his pocket people, then we can see why you never really express any true concern about the monies in question.


  5. Unbelievable….I bet you would complain if he did not sit at the table….who cares if he sits at the table….who cares if he moves his office to a different room in the same building a few feet away…..you really need to get back to the issues that matter. As for the council they have a lot of issues also not just the Mayor.


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