A Road Paved with Threats is a Well traveled Road in the City of Dearborn Heights…..

What to do about the car’s in Dearborn Heights last night there was a study session called by the city council. This was to discus who use’s the car’s and how many are being taken home and from what department.  Department heads spoke before the council to explain why they take home cars and how many if any are going home with employees from their department. In some case’s there were legitimate reasons to take the cars home Fire, Police and some in the DPW department. The rest made a case for keeping their cars some out right threatening. One department head said that he takes the car to run to an overflowing toilet, or a locked door. If this toilet is overflowing at night how would you know that? Further more you are a salaried employee and last I looked that is your job. Where in your job description does it say that you only have to go on these runs if there are any, only if you have a city car parked in your drive way? Then to turn around and threaten the council by saying I will not go any more if you take away my car you can call Zimmer and let him do it and that will cost the city more money.

The CEDD department head said that his car is paid for by CDBG money and does not cost the city anything. I think the federal government just might have a problem with that last I looked money for your car can not come out of the CDBG Grant a federal grant. I think maybe someone should get a “truth meter here.” Very simple call and find out if that is the case. If it is, then each employee in that department should have a car to take home paid for by the CDBG Grant.

The DPW department has 5 trucks that go home with personal that are on call in case of an emergency all who take them home live in the city “wink, wink.” When asked about the employee who was covering the seal of the city on the truck with a magnet and using the truck for personal use. Well he was verbally reprimanded and he was remorseful. No the truck was not taken away, no he did not lose his job, no nothing happened to him. When asked about the man who was caught driving drunk over Memorial day weekend. Oh we can not talk about that according to the Mayor because corporation counsel said we can not. Oh and you are innocent until proven guilty. That is why you have this person on administrative leave since last Friday right. Are you saying Mr. Mayor that the police department here in Dearborn Heights falsified a breathalyzer test? Just what are you saying Mr. Mayor that some how this man was set up by the Dearborn Heights Police department? Is this just another a temp of your administration to yet again sweept something under the rug. Not a very hard thing to do in this city when no one is asking for anything else hell why not you have been getting away with it for all this time should not be a problem to do it again. Who is going to stop you? who is going to say we are going to have an investigation? NO ONE…

To think that after the meeting a department head can come up to the council point his finger in their faces and tell them that this man here (looking at the Mayor) is my boss and when he tells me to park the car I will, not before that.  To think this is a study session called for by the council why is the Mayor sitting at the table why is he not sitting in the audience. He can sit there and say that this is an “Inquisition” really Mr. Mayor are we just a wee bit dramatic?   Of course the reason for the Mayors anger appears to be centered around one department head assistant to the Mayor who as it came out last night is considered a department head.  When asked about the use of her car she could not answer how many personal miles she puts on the car just would not say. So councilwoman Badalow said that she got the information from the comptroller from August of 2010 to March 2011 she has put in for 15 miles. Not 15 hundred, but 15 miles. A person who does not own a car and everyone in the city knows this said that she only used the city car for 15 miles of personal use.   She said that she has access to her “nanna’s” car. When asked if she lives with her? No she come’s and picks me up.

Well there was one women who had a little something to say about that. Cindy Laslo said “So Mr. Mayor it is okay that she takes the city car to another city to sleep with my husband all night.” This woman says she was parked outside of that house waiting for her husband to come out of it.  The assistant to the Mayor did not have much to say and when the head of the DPW department wanted to get up and talk on her behalf councilwoman Badalow told him we are not talking about your car we are talking about her car you can have a seat. She went on to say that everyone else was willing to get up and talk about why they should get to keep their car why not her? The Mayor replied because I told her not to and the council has already made up your minds so I told her she does not have to answer any of your questions. Well Mr. Mayor what about our questions? what about us the taxpayers what about the people who are paying the bills here? I guess the better question here is why only her Mr. Mayor why did you tell only your assistant that she did not have to answer the council questions? Everyone who works for the city has to answer to the council and they have to answer to us, all of you including yourself Mr. Mayor have to answer to us.  When asked about the assistant to the Mayors cell phone she was quick to say how much work she gets done over the phone through text messaging. The phone according to her is used a lot for disciplinary reasons when asked isn’t that a job for the Human Resource department? She said no they only do the paper work I do all the disciplining. Does she have the power to do what ever she wants to whom ever she wants?  She is willing to give her text messages to the council to let them see how much work she does over the phone. Councilwoman Badalow said she would like to see them, but one look from the Mayor and his assistant clammed right up.  What is being said in those text messages? The same woman that talked about the city car also said that the stipend-paid-for city cell phone was also used to send her husband nude pictures I confirmed from three different sources that this was said and who said it..

When something could have been done a year ago when it was asked of the council to do an investigation nothing was done. A year later and here we go more of the same and nothing going to be done after talking with several people who were there and others who heard what happened. They are demanding that something get done about this. They want to know where they can call who they can talk with how they can get this stopped.  It was a real simple thing at the last council meeting they should have voted to take the cars away and then decide who is going to be taking them home. One department at a time instead it has turned into a free for all and the Mayor sitting back and basically telling the council to bad. People who were there said that it was mouth dropping they do not understand why the Mayor has anything to say at a study session for the council. They do not understand this total lack of respect for the council and for the residents. This administration it looks like would rather eliminate jobs, cut city services than to have these cars given up. It seems like this is only about one car just the one special car used by the very important person. I would venture to say if you took that one car out of the equation he would have nothing to say. After all he did not direct any other department head not to come and answer the council’s legitimate questions just his assistant was given that instruction from the Mayor.

Where is the ethics committee? We have one right? Oh No We do not. Another question where is it written that every department head shall have a car or they do not have to do their job? Where is it written that in-order to do their job they will be provided a city car to park in their driveways at night to wait for the call for them to go and do their job. When all of you got your jobs was that in your job description? If you are unwilling to do your job if the car does not go home with you at night than quite I am sure there are plenty of people that would be more then willing to come to work for us with out a city car.  This has been like watching the Indy 500 round and round they go coming in for pit stops only to go back out and go around some more. The difference is the Indy 500 is only 500 laps and there are rules to follow that is not the case here in Dearborn Heights rules do not apply.



15 thoughts on “A Road Paved with Threats is a Well traveled Road in the City of Dearborn Heights…..”

  1. Eva 1972

    If someone starts a recall I will post all the information about it. Just last night had someone over to the house that said they want a recall of the “Mayor” so many people are sick of this crap you are not alone Eva..


  2. Anxious, I do not know you as I have not been on here that often, but I agree with the others. You have the right to speak your mind and I am sorry that some are trying to stop you.
    I am so sick and tired of the crap that is going on in this city with the Mayor, his assistant and others who believe that they do not have to answer to anyone.
    Kathy, will you be posting info about the recall petition? I hope so as I will be one of the first to sign it.


  3. please let me know too! That way i can coordinate it with my work schedule, and my spouse as well.
    im sure the mayors spies are watching the blog for this event.
    can’t wait!!


  4. Pleading with Anxious not to stop. They are the bullies. you have our support here at the blog.
    if you are being harassed, there maybe legal ramifications for that individual. There is a stalking law in michigan.
    sounds like this person is coming after you, harassing, and bulling you. That’s stalking.
    your not breaking any laws, or policies, but that person is.
    These public servants who think they have power over us seem to forget who supplies the money for their
    paycheck every week. our tax money.
    please reconsider. We citizens are the ones that have to make the changes.
    We can only do that if we can keep this strong chain of solidarity with each other. Don’t let let them weaken you.
    We need your voice, it helps strengthen us too.
    Thanks for coming back to the blog Lips. missed ya!!!!!!


  5. Agreed we need Anxious to stay on and be VOCAL!!! We have very FEW good council members & they are out numbered. If Anxious stops I will pick up the fight but Anxious will reconsider!!!


  6. Yes, my friends, it is me, Titanium Lips. I stopped posting for a while to collect my thoughts and reevaluate the situation. I had to try and understand why this administration has been able to force its citizens to accept second class treatment, how the citizens can respond and get control of our city, and how to handle the corrupt and careless crap we are being dealt. Yes, even I get to feeling it is hopeless to try and fight, no matter how right I am. I have to admit I was very disappointed that Kathy was forced by the powers-that-be to remove posts, not only from me, but her own as well.
    This blog is the only outlet or avenue we have to address complaints, wrongdoings, as well as getting questions answered. I don’t always agree with Kathy or the bloggers, but I am also aware that many do not agree with me. It’s the perils of free speech. What we have to appreciate is the forum to be able to speak up. If you choose to remain anonymous, you can. No one can guarantee that we remain anonymous indefinitly, but it is available to us.
    I have promised myself that I will not lower myself to act like them. I will stop referring to the Crybaby, I will use his name, as well as others I have characterized with monikers that seem to me to fit their personality traits. I have also promised myself that I will stand up for myself and others, and will try to keep my city free for its citizens. We have to work together to correct and clean up what the powers-that-be have dished out to us.
    Thank you for reading my post. Let’s work together to clean up the mess, or as much as we are able to do. Have a really great weekend!


  7. Anxious,
    I am so sorry you are getting the crap. This is what quite a few of us have had to tolerate to have our freedom to speak. Instead of signing off, why not tell your story, name the s.o.b.’s who have curbed your freedom to speak up when things are so wrong? If you don’t want to post it here, write to Kathy personally so you can at least speak up. Kathy will not publish what you don’t want posted, but we need to know who is doing this to you, and to others. To be able to take this admin down, we need people like you who have been wronged to get the facts to those of us who are going to follow this through. Please reconsider.


  8. Barbara,
    Just let us know where you will be sitting with your petition and I will be there with a line of folks behind me. I want to be at the top of the list so all that see it can be aware that we have tried, but to no avail. This admin is so corrupt, so self rightious, and so nasty. I have seen it and I have been on the receiving end. This city is full of wonderful, caring people. We do not deserve the treatment this admin has given us. Let’s do it!


  9. Not enough people on the council seem to have the balls to stop the mayor and his assistant.
    The state needs to step in at this point because our city council lacks the courage.
    I expect more from our council president Mr Baron…he is the second highest elected official and should grow a backbone and call for the Mayor and his assistant to step down. Remember Ken Cockrel in Detroit???

    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph… is for good men to do nothing”


  10. I was not going to do this again but I do need to answer make a comment about the dpw and them having to be ready for emergencies if that is so important why is the dpw infront of my since yesterday a few blocks away from the city worker? because the worker of dpw thinks that my husband and I are cheking up on him,well sorry we do not care what you do but we do have the right to drive home and go by your house believe me this perdons house has no interest to me .Please I think people need to grow up .and not think that everthing that goes on is evolved around them[could it be guilty concious] This is the last time I will write again on this site this way we will see who is next to be treated like this by city officials but please make sure nor to drive by certain peoples home as they may thik you are spying on them and you may end up with a city truck in front of your house and be told that it will there for 48 hrs moved and put back infront of your house again fo another 48hs


  11. I will not be able to be on this blog anymore as someone has been reading my comments and is holding it agaiinst me . If I had known that this would be like this I would never done this. I thought this was so good to have but I have found it is not. So I have to say goodby to all of you.


  12. enough is enough , the mayor and his assistant gotta go ASAP , illiterate and ignorant people . i’m starting a petition for recall and placing a call for state investigation. if that lady was telling the truth. Using the city car and sending him nude pics from city phone then action need’s to be taken now.


  13. Way to go city council for stepping up. One bad apple does spoil a bunch, in this case the mayor is our bad apple.
    I can’t believe what this assistant has done.
    You know Kathy, this story reminds of one from not so long ago.
    it’s called Kwame gate. look what his assistant was aloud to do. look what he did. Christine beatty. what a piece of work.
    This sounds just like what happened in detroit.
    So, you can;t blame big dog for calling our city, detroit heights, can you?
    the assistant needs to step down right now.


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