You do know you are talking to Voters Right…

Why would a council member be so disrespectful when talking about this blog myself and the people who write on it? If you do not want to come to the blog and participate in a constructive way, than you do not have to. None of us are forcing you to do so. You could use this blog as a couple of council members do by coming here and answering questions or keeping up on what the residents are saying.  You oh dear council member should be careful who you talk in-front of you never know who is listening to you.

You may never know if one of the people you are calling a coward or dumb ^&* is standing listening to you. There are council members that come here comment or will call me about certain items on the blog. Others come and read because they get calls from residents referring to blog post. I have to admit I am happy every time I hear that residents are calling the council members and asking questions.

Then there is the council member that does nothing but bad mouth the blog. Maybe they just do not fully understanding that the people who write here and visit here are residents that vote for them. When a resident calls you about something on the blog it does not do any good to just sling insults and rant about how crazy we are. You do not know if they write on this blog you have no idea if they have made a comment here. This council member is not doing themselves any favors by talking this way and if you run for re-election I am sure you will have a lot to answer for.


10 thoughts on “You do know you are talking to Voters Right…”

  1. Councilman Berry

    I would like to thank you so much for coming to the blog you are more than welcome here at any time. I would hope that all the council members would come here and participate, this blog is for everyone in the city it does not matter if you agree or disagree with the statements put up here you are welcome to have your opinion.

    Here is my take on the car’s I may look at things in a very simple way, but the cars and this does not include DPW should be parked at city hall at the end of the day. When those who work in the city need to take a car to do city business then they can sign out a car when they are done bring it back and sign it back in. There is no policy in the city right now to deal with the cars and to my knowledge there never has been. That is the problem this council is in uncharted waters you are trying for the first time to make a policy to deal with the use of cars in this city. Years ago this should have been taken care of long before this Mayor became Mayor. Maybe if the city was not strapped for money the way it is this might not be an issue.
    We are here now and it needs to be taken care of. The residents are looking to you the council to take care of it because the Mayor is not going to do anything about it. As for the enforcing part you are not the only council member in resent days to ask that very same question. Enforcement implies that they would not follow a policy that was set forth in the city.. When a policy is in place and you work for the city you follow what is in place. The people that work for the city do not give me the impression that they would not follow a policy. Keys and log book in one department time car was taken out logged in and when the car is brought back to the city log in the time return the keys and that is that. I am sure there are other residents who have some ideas put them up.

    I guess most of us out here say park them at night residents have no problem with the cars being used during the day it is after working hours that is the issue for everyone. Your power does come through the budget a fact that has been drilled into my head by several council members over and over again I am told that you are the money, you control the purse strings. Only problem is none of us see the control there was not one word during the budget to cut from even one department by the council. We did not see the council cut the Mayor’s office budget not even by 2% nothing. There was not one word mentioned by a council member to reduce his budget.

    IT is a big problem in this city and I think our city is far behind others in this area what can be done online these days should be for sure the residents would appreciate it and with the shortage of man power in some departments it would be welcome. I have been beating the drum here for over a year about IT and you the council longer than that so I hope that maybe we will see some movement this year in that area.

    Again I would like to welcome you here and thank you for using this blog as a way to talk with the residents of the city.. If anyone has questions for councilman Berry please post them I am sure he would love to hear from all of you…


  2. Hello to all who read and/or participate on this site. I must say I have entertained the idea of creating a page for the constructive interaction of thoughts and ideas by residents but I decided against it was because of my busy schedule; I wasn’t sure I could give it the 100% it deserves. Also I did not want to create a mud slinging campaign; I am interested in hearing constructive comments that would inspire ideas and actions with positive solutions.

    I have in the past criticized this site for the comments I heard were made based upon second-hand information. I have in the past suggested ignoring this site because I was of the opinion it was destructive and did not provide an avenue with positive outcomes.

    But comments and/or opinions do reflect the sentiments of people and we all have a right to express them. I may not like what I read and if I do not like it maybe I should reconsider my role. For the past short sightedness on my part I apologize and I promise to become better attentive.

    That being said, I am making my introduction and future participation to this site because it’s a convenient way to communicate with residents and field questions or comments. I hope you welcome my participation.

    Let me begin with one issue; I’m either misinformed or ignorant to a councilperson’s influence and I ask this legitimate question. If we had passed the resolution restricting the use of City vehicles, how would it be enforced, and does it become legal policy? Does it take a charter amendment to become policy and is it not the duty of the Mayor to enforce the policy? If he does not enforce it, where do we go from there? I believe our power comes through controlling the budget and if we axed a specific line item ($$) from a departments budget it would enforce our intent? Please enlighten me.

    Let me close by reiterating my complete agreement with limiting the use of vehicles, my frustration with our IT provider, (correction, lack of IT provider), the lack of proper equipment to step-up our ordinance enforcement and the need to make larger strides toward shared services within a shorter time period… I am frustrated.

    Thank you for having me,

    Councilperson Tom Berry


  3. people come to the blog to discuss city matters, cause not everyone’s schedule can accomadate
    council meetings times.
    This is a way for people to communicate their thoughts, ideas, ask questions and concerns. yes, and sometimes vent!
    The fact that this cp feels that we don’t have the right of freedom of speech, means this person is very narrow
    He voiced his 1st amendment rights about how he felt the blog, but we are not entitled to same amendment
    right as this cp? do they think that this is an exclusive right to them, and their click of people?
    This individual has an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore, if that is how they think.


  4. Who Dunnit

    I think if you have been coming to the blog for any length of time you will know the answer to your question. As you can see there is a council member that does come here and comment. I have encouraged the council members and everyone in the city to come and participate on the blog and to go to council meetings over and over again I have said this. I am not saying anything about them questioning things that are said here I encourage you to question and to get answers. What I take issue with is for this council person to call everyone that comes here a bunch of dumb A%$’s. Are you Dumb Who Dunnit? I do not think you are you do not seem that way to me.

    That was not the only thing this person heard said about all of us here. Further more when a resident calls a council member to ask a question and refers to the blog this same council member started ranting and raving about all of us here. The worst part of it was the person called them after they had made a comment contributing to the conversation on the blog.
    The information they put forth was true information that they knew and this council person called them stupid. That is there opinion of the residents that might question what they are doing fine.
    Then why are you even sitting on the council if you think the residents you represent are a bunch of Dumb A@#$? Like they are entitled to their opinion of all of us I am entitled to have my opinion about them and so is everyone else that come’s here.

    You can write here comment here disagree here that is all great, but if you are an elected official I would think you would think a little bit better of the people who vote for you I happened to be one of those people that voted for this person. Oh well as you say they can express their opinion as they like…


  5. Are council persons not allowed to question the blog? Are they forbidden from expressing their opinion? Why is it assumed that people who post here are truthtellers and those who dare question it somehow are insulting everyone who posts?


  6. Anonymous

    Oh I plan on telling who the person is when they run for office I do not want to say the name now because it will be forgotten by the time they have to run again. I find their comments disgusting their real feelings about residents that want to speak up is appalling.


  7. who ever this council person is, we need to find out who it is, and get them out off the council next election. i have a feeling who it is, and this cp is a weasel.(sneaky, and underhanded.)
    talks the talk, but never walks the walk. actions speak louder than words.
    im sure this cp has never addressed citizens concerns unless there is some motive to make themselves look good while “helping a citizen”, when really it’s a political move. not a humble person what so ever.
    if this cp is looking at the blog, then here is a message for you, We are not crazy, just concerned citizens.
    We are not coming to meetings because of fear of being black listed by the administration of this city.
    you are not representing the city the way we need it.
    you are self serving and arrogant.
    Kathy, there gotta be a way to divulge there identity, with out coming out and saying their name, so all that come to the blog, can know, and vote them out next election.


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