Update to Driving Drunk in a City Car..


This is not the first time according to some and not the only one caught drive while intoxicated. The person in question did not get suspended still working at the city as of yesterday. According to the Mayor they are taking these cars home because our lives would be in danger if they did not. Well Mr. Mayor by letting them take them home you are allowing them to endanger the lives of how many by this person driving drunk. What is the liability of the city if something happens.. What does city’s car  insurance rate look like at this point being this is not the first time that it has happened.

Keep sweeping this stuff under the rug guys good job and then what? Council the ball is in your court if what has happened in the past is not enough to take them away. Add this to the list of infractions and let see what is going to be done about it. There is a study session coming up to discuss this I hope this incident will be on the top of the list.


1 thought on “Update to Driving Drunk in a City Car..”

  1. This will be “swept under the rug” just like with any employee that is “in” with the administration or department heads. There are some things that I have heard that would make your head spin! I know that if I was drunk on the clock (or on call or whatever), I would be IMMEDIATELY fired. I am just shocked that this person is still working. Why? In this society, I’m sure we’ll be hearing that it’s a disease and that this person is getting “help”. Well, until next time this happens. This is an excuse, in my opinion. Then what? And I couldn’t agree more. How much are my taxes going up to pay for auto insurance that will most certainly be increased? It’s horrible that we have to pay for city employees issues! And just to have this employee STILL working is a kick in the teeth to every single resident of Dearborn Heights. We should ALL be outraged!!!


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