Golani Resigns from School Board…

By Jodi Rempala
Press & Guide Newspapers


DEARBORN HEIGHTS — The Crestwood Board of Education is looking for a new trustee following the resignation of Janey Golani.

Her resignation is effective tomorrow.

Anyone interested in applying to fill the remainder of her term should pick up an information packet from the Board of Education office, 1501 N. Beech Daly Road.

Details on how to apply and the steps that follow can be found in the packet.

The deadline to submit a letter of interest to the board is 4 p.m. June 15.

Questions can be directed to Superintendent Laurine VanValkenburg at 1-313-278-0903.

Golani’s term expires June 30, 2013.

According to state law, the board must fill the vacancy within 30 days.

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13 thoughts on “Golani Resigns from School Board…”

  1. oh oh oh little danny good luck with that no one is leaving any time soon!! i agree that ms golani needed to step down but your threats are un founded please stick to what you know which is nothing!


  2. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Who are you to judge Maryann? You thank God, but he will judge you for being such a mean and spiteful person.


  3. Hi, I am a Dbn Hts resident and I liked Golani. I thought she was very smart when it came to issues of the school.
    I don’t think we should be her judge and jury. What she did in her personal life is her issue. We are all sinners and none of us can cast the stones unless we are perfect. I think we will all be surprised in the end of what is going on.
    She is gone now, so let her go. I personally wish her lots of success. She has wonderful successful children and a great husband. Their energy is going to be focused on those kids and making sure they turn out to be great adults. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

    Lets start concentrating on the City now and cleaning this mess up. That is of so much more importance.
    We should continue going to the city council meetings and making our voices heard. This city is in trouble and we need to fix it!


  4. To the member of the Administration:
    You really support a liar? Wow. you truly don’t care about the citizens in this district , if you support that women.
    Well, the old saying goes,”birds of a feather, flock together”.
    We do have supportive parents in this school district, but as a parent and volunteer at the schools in the past, i got a real good whiff of the pile that some the administrators drop.
    This district in my opinion has gone to dogs, since Brown
    Yes,she will need luck. She still has that whole court case
    thing for embezzling from her former employer.
    I hope she gets nailed for it.


  5. no wonder why our school system is such a mess because we have people like you that don’t know the real numbers , come out and face me and let me show you statistics that was done 6 month ago about your board. Another thing that makes me laugh about you is that you’re crying and missing a board member who embezzeled money from her prior job , execuse me i don’t trust a thief to make decision about our kids education. And to answer your question no i didn’t go to crestwood neither i will put my kids there until we change the whole board . see u in next board meeting and you’ll be surprised who’s little danny is then because little danny knows who you are .


  6. little Danny, you really are little.
    I am one of the 99.9% residents and I can tell you about 80% of the people I know are sorry to see her leave. So where you get your number from is wrong buddy! AND DON’T THREATEN THE REST OF THE BOARD, CAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO FIND SOMEONE TO REPLACE HER WITH THE SAME DEDICATION SHE HAD!
    Put your money where your mouth is and lets see you go and work the schools like the board does. you have no idea of the time and energy they spend to give your kids an education that is excellent. Obviously you didn’t go to crestwood. I am glad Golani is gone. She is off to bigger and better. Not everyone’s son gets such a great scholarship to attend a great school like he did.


  7. don’t be sorry because you’r next , you sit on the board too and you’ll be leaving soon.


  8. well i think only the members of the board will miss her and the other 99.9 % of the residents wont . i’m so glad she’s gone .


  9. As a member of the Crestwood Administration, we are all sad to see Golani leave. She was an important asset to our team, but we have always known she would not stay after her last child graduated from CHS. She has been a volunteer in the Crestwood district for over 22 years and we will not only miss her but her entire family as well. They were always the first ones to help out no matter where it was or when it was. We don’t have parents like that anymore in our schools. Her value was evident at the last school board meeting when comments were made by all the board members. But this is what she wanted. She left on HER terms WHEN she wanted to go. GOOD LUCK JANEY!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS!!


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