Driving Drunk in A City Car..

Been hearing some rumblings about someone from the DPW Department of Dearborn Heights over the weekend driving a city truck from that department pulled over for a DUI.. How many of you know about this?


5 thoughts on “Driving Drunk in A City Car..”

  1. The mayor’s office doesn’t answer phones anymore , they are ignoring the people that put em in office not knowing that the same people can get them out . Worst city in the entire country .
    so glad I’m moving out i just closed on a house on west Dearborn today


  2. Anxious

    The garbage pick up is delayed by one day because of the holiday. Those two departments are short handed I am surprised that the phone was not answered. In fairness to them every department had to make cuts of course the Mayor did not cut anything in his department/office. I think they have a notice on the city website the next time you need to get that kind of information they should have right there on the Home Page. I think the city has to start doing more online if they are going to be cutting down on man power.


  3. I have been calling dpw since 4.30 and no one answers the phone and the building dept either.All I want is to know if we have regular garbage pu or is it one day late because of the holiday last monday.They must have cut their hours down.Someone let me know please


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