Lines are Crossed..

Are there lines that should not be crossed? When a former employee of the city who is making a claim against the city is at the Mayor’s fund-raiser is that a line that should not be crossed? The Mayor’s fundraiser was in February and this former employee was there in attendance along with many others from city hall including corporation counsel. You can go back through the invoices after the February fundraiser of two of the lawyers working for the city and find charges referring to this former employee and their claim against the city. The Mayor, the very same man who refuses to answer questions by council members because of ” pending litigation.” The same litigation that was the reason the council could not investigate violations of the charter committed by the Mayor. Still the Mayor has no problem sitting with and inviting to his fundraiser someone who is making a claim against the city. There is no line that will not be crossed by this administration. Just one more example of what goes on with this administration.


3 thoughts on “Lines are Crossed..”

  1. He is only a renter and not a tax payer!!!!! When his time is up he’s gone, out of the city to somewhere warm and clean.


  2. I grew up in Dearborn right at telegraph/ford rd., and always thought Dearborn heights was a great city. clean and neat, of course this was 30 years ago.
    When my spouse and were looking for a house 12 years ago, we chose here, because at the time the crime rate was low, and crestwood district had good schools.
    Boy, has the neighborhood changed!
    Filth everywhere. Mean people running our city, with their lies and deceit. running this city into the ground.
    our mayor is always touting that he grew up in this city,
    and that he never imagined he would be mayor of it.
    Well, did he ever hear the term, you should leave things they way you found them? I know this is not the way he found this city, and he needs to clean his “play room”, and give us back our city. i know this is currently not like the city he grew up in, or is daughters. It’s time he peels off his rose colored glasses, and take the clothes pin off his nose, and see and smell the hot mess he has left us!


  3. I think this blog is so good to have, so we do know what is going on in our city and we do need to know the truth but it makes me so sad and angry that all this deception is in our city administration.This used to be a wonderful city 40 yrs. ago of course there were things that upset us there always is but this has just got out of hand.Our past mayors used to come and visit us and talk to us and even if we did not always agree with everything they did they would explain to us the reason but not anymore. If we were to walk into the city hall our mayors would come out and greet us or if we had a question one could step in and if they were not on the phone they would call us into their office. Not any more, no you are nor allowed to call as they never answer and they are always so cold when they do and we are aware now that we don’t have a right to ask questions. What has become of those good old days ????? We do need to look at what this city has become and how it used to be,now it is anger and deceitfulness. So sad.
    Please tell us all who remember those days—–the good days and let us try to get them back.We may not always agree but that is what is so wonderful about this country that we do have freedom of speech so let us all speak up and stand up to all this and say we do not want this and it has to STOP NOW. We can do it together and that means the council too. Remember council that you are the ones we voted for you and you all need to work for us even if you are a friend of the mayor. This city and ones who live here need to get back to honesty and care about us who are paying taxes. You would think that somewhere along the way you are all guilty of what has been going on.


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