I am Trying So Hard, but Just do not understand how a light blulb is putting my life in danger

The incandescent light bulb

I know the Mayor said it is, but how?  Yes since Tuesday when the Mayor said that lives are going to be put in danger if the council takes away the cars from city employees. He said that the recreation department has to go and turn off that light bulb left on. Skipping from one department to another and giving the reason for letting them keep their cars and interjecting when ever he could how our lives would be put in danger. Before you knew it our lives were in danger because of light bulbs left on.  I have just been sitting from that day until now trying my best to understand this light bulb left on being such a critical thing that a car needs to be taken home by two different people in that department to deal with it.

I never knew that this was dangerous or that the community and economic director who takes a car home is some how keeping my life out of danger. I guess I better thank him for that so hey, “Thanks” did not know you did that for all of us. Thank You DPW Department for saving my life and keeping all of us out of danger. Thank you assistant to the Mayor for keeping all of us out of harms way when you take that car home at night it sure does make me feel so much safer.

Okay now that I have had my fun there is another side to the story and before I get accused of not telling it. I would like to say that department heads have given up their longevity that is what I was told and they have taken a hit on the health care a long with every other employee in the city. That has to be said it is not like they did not take a hit on some things too. Just wanting to make sure I tell it all..



4 thoughts on “I am Trying So Hard, but Just do not understand how a light blulb is putting my life in danger”

  1. Not everyone one the council has a job.
    I totally get what your saying, i don’t have a car for free, so i pay for my gas,insurance,and maintenance All of which are high as heck, and come out of my pocket.
    I will not pay higher taxes in this city. none of us can take a hit like that. This area is not that great to have high taxes.
    The neighborhoods are in bad shape, and then charge us more to live in filth. Sorry, but BIG DOG is right on that one. That’s what they do in Detroit, and look at what they get. The tax rate there is outrageous.
    i keep my property clean, then the neighbor behind me has a damn jungle growing. Every year i call the ordinance officer, and she ends up going to court.
    I’ll be damned if i have to pay more cause those people are being crappy citizens, and that includes the mayor.
    He’ll just walk away, cause he owns no property, just rents.
    I would like to see the mayor function having to pay his own way like the average citizen, and see how he likes that! He’ll probably throw one of his infamous tantrums!
    it’s about time some of these employees, and the administration, start to realize that we are fed up.
    I don’t know about you, but i live in reality, not some
    fantasy that has been cooked up in the mayors mind!


  2. Sean

    Sorry I know you were replying to Anxious, but a lot more than just a hundred people come and look at this blog that is for starters. I will agree with you the news has dropped the ball, but maybe more people should start writing to them. They have tried to cover a couple of stories in this city, but no one is willing to talk with them those who work inside the city are afraid to open up to anyone about anything. I have said to a couple of people over at the papers if they want to get to the story they have to let people speak anonymously. You should start writing to them about some of the things that are going on here in the city. I know for a fact that a couple of people who work for the papers are coming to this blog and they do read everything that is written here.

    I am sorry to say but going to the council meetings does make a difference the more people that are there the better if you can not go watch them call the council write here write to the papers, but do not keep silent… Here is an idea why not start having Council Meetings gatherings get together with your neighbors, friends, or family to watch the meetings when you do it in a group it is better. discuss what happened and if you are not happy about something write to a council member as a group.. We need to be that pressure to make them Change Sean… Or we can start a group…


  3. “Come on everyone…..” Everyone? What, the 100 or so people that read this blog? Nothing is going to happen until the wrongdoings are made public by way of the newspaper or television. It amazes me what garbage the local paper will publish and when there is REAL NEWS, they look the other way. Nothing will change because there is no pressure by anybody TO change. We can all come here and complain, we can go to council meeting and shake our fists, but what does that do? What has any of this done? There has to be a bigger and better way!


  4. Everyone has taken hits. I just saw at least 50 people loose their jobs on Thursday and they all have a family to take care of.One person has a bad health problem and there goes insurance. Because of this I will be loosing work also and I live in this city so how can I afford higher taxes. I dont have a car for free in order for me to go and find work I have to have a car pay for gas and insurance and still the mayor expects me to pay for all vehicels I dont think so. Come on everyone lets get together and and stop this nonsence,lets stand up for what is fare for us .The council does not Berry has a good job and so do the other members so if they want this to go on let them pay for all this not us.


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