When Things are Done the Right Way

When you do things the right way and follow protocol and rules the results are not surprising here is a case when rules and protocol are followed. Grosse Pointe Principal Fired for looking at Porno on his computer..

Principal Allan Diver, 60, was fired this past Friday and his computer was taken by the Michigan State Police.

Sources say Diver is not the only faculty member being investigated. However, he is the only person fired for having pornographic images on his work computer.

As of Friday night, Diver was not arrested or charged with anything.

The MSP crime lab was sifting through the images to see if any child pornography was there. Source: Detroit MSNBC


1 thought on “When Things are Done the Right Way”

  1. Our admin should be real happy that the same rules did not apply to him when he was put on the spot. If the same rules applied, we could stop assuming and know what he did on his computer. See? I told ya, The assumption is corruption.


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