Bent, Twisted, and Broken…

Several things have happened this week and last concerning the use of public property and campaigning. First incident was Bob Constan who used the Canfield center of his first campaign meeting. Then we have one of the City Clerk candidates using the Library to hold their fundraiser.  The room has been book for three different fundraising events 5-8 PM by the same person. This person is not paying for the room that they are using.

When one candidate running for city council  called to rent a space at one of the city parks, they were told you can not do that. One candidate can use city property and another is told (who will pay) NO you can not do that. This is indicative of what is going on in this city rules applied to some and not others. You have one candidate  who ran last year for city council and again is running this year who had their petition signed right at city hall. You have a candidate running for Clerk who did the same thing for years we have been told that you can not do any type of campaigning on city property. Apparently those rules have now been thrown out the window and it is a free for all.

A council member just stood in front of the planning commission for his client who would like to open a pawn shop here in the city. This council member did not just sit there during the meeting no they got up and made the case for their client. To make things worse this same person handed out business cards that the planning commission members thought were council member business cards. Well no they were not they were business cards to Vote for them this November. Again election laws broken this meeting was not held at Rams Horn this was on city property. A violation committed just by being a council member and speaking for your client at a planning commission meeting. The city charter broken again, but why should that be anything new when the Mayor of our city has broken the charter and nothing happened to him…

Rules are not there for everyone they are there for a few to follow and the rest depending on who you know can do what ever they want to do. There used to be clear-cut lines that you could not cross everyone knew those lines this is not the case not any more. I wish we could just go back to when there were clear lines and rules that are followed.  Welcome to the election season of 2011 looks like it is going to be a good one.


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