Regional Tax Collector is this for Dearborn Heights?

At the tax collector
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Dearborn is having that city’s budget meetings and one thing that city is looking at is: “Dearborn could be poised to become a regional tax collector for cities such as Dearborn Heights or Melvindale—if those communities are willing to use the program.” Source Dearborn Patch.

We have a Tax Collector (the Treasurer) just to remind you this is Dearborn talking I do not know if they have come to the Mayor on this proposal and for sure we would be the last to know if they did. According to O’Connor in Dearborn that city is “well-positioned” to do this, but there has to be interest in it. Source: Dearborn Patch. 

“The Dearborn Fire Department also could be a service provider for Melvindale, and Dearborn’s MIS—in collaboration with Dearborn Public Schools—could become a service provider for Dearborn Heights as early as the 2012-2013 school year (with possible savings for the fiscal year 2012 budget). ”

Source: Dearborn Patch

I find it very interesting in Dearborn there is all this talk at their budget meetings about consolidation with the City of Dearborn Heights and here we have not heard a word about it. Well I take that back at the first budget meeting that I was at the Mayor did say that he was looking at surrounding city’s to consolidate with, but was hesitant to get involved with any of them. He said how do I know that they will be able to pay us for the services we are going to provide them. He certainly did not make mention of us paying someone else to service us. I have not seen one thing in any of the news papers for the city to be providing any type of service to even one city around us. Other city’s have no problem letting their residents know what is going on, but our Mayor is always so cagey about anything that he is doing. He likes to hit the council and the residents with everything last-minute and then sets some dead line that we have to make in-order to realize the savings. That has happened so many times in the past I just hope that we are not going to be hit with this again.

One area that we could have used Dearborn’s services and has not been pursued by our Mayor enough is the IT issue. We need it badly, but he has not made a move on this. We might hear something on it if a council member ask, but I think this is going nowhere and that is a shame something that would have benefited our city and the Mayor just is uninterested in anything that has to do with technology.


3 thoughts on “Regional Tax Collector is this for Dearborn Heights?”

  1. Because we are always on the edge, wondering what is being done behind the scenes, we do not have transparency in our administration’s activities. The absence of transparency leads us to believe the administration has become venal. The assumption is corruption.
    You are right about the citizens being the last to know, and there is always that element of “time is short” and the decision is automatically accepted, there are no options, there is no time to explore what is offered by this administration. The assumption is corruption.


  2. anxious

    In most cases the council is the last to know you are right I hope they are watching and listening very carefully some changes could be coming to Dearborn Heights we never know what is going on here because the Mayor never let’s us the taxpayer know what is happening…


  3. Now I am becoming very nervous about this whole deal in this city I don’t trust anything that the mayor has to do with I hope that the council is keeping thier ears open to all of this that has to deal with the mayor and the ones who are in his back pocket and that includes a couple of the council members. No offence but these are my feelikngs and I don’t thinks that is against the law yet.


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