Playing Peek-A-Boo with the Budget..

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Peek-A-Boo look at what I can do…

I have said it several times on this blog and will say it one more time how is the council discussing this budget when they do not even know what is going on in the current budget. This Mayor loves to play hide and seek with the council. The budget deficit has become a catch me if you can for the Mayor.. There is a current deficit between 2.5 and 3 million. Until today the council does not know the exact amount even after having asked several times. Not to mention by June the city will have borrowed internally almost 10 million dollars. The year ends for my business on December 31st we start the new year on January 1. If we owe money to a vendor that is put on the books at the start of the new budget year for our store. Now I know that things are different for city budgets, but you can not tell me that having a deficit does not have an effect on the new budget. If you have your checking book at a negative $150.00 and you deposit $500.00 you have to deduct that $150.00 from that amount to balance you checking book.

I know that is a simple way of looking at it, but is that not how we all do things? My way of looking at it says this; why is there not a line that shows a negative 2.5 or how every many millions the city has as a deficit and work from there. Why is there not an addendum added to the budget showing the close to 10 million we are borrowing internally. Why has there been nothing given to the council showing how the city plans to pay back these monies to the various departments they were taken from. Nothing showing when they will start paying them back, or how. How all of this possibly could not have an effect on the newly proposed budget I do no understand. I bring this up because on May 24 the council will be voting on the budget I am asking everyone to look at the city budget it is online on the city website. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family to take a look at it.

While the Mayor has submitted a balance budget I would like to remind you that the budget we are in now was also a balanced budget when it was submitted and that budget is now in deficit. The city did not start out the budget we have now in a deficit or owing money to several departments.


1 thought on “Playing Peek-A-Boo with the Budget..”

  1. The council doesn’t demand anything. They could stop all payments until they get the information they need. They have the power of the purse strings. They sit back and hope for the best and pray for the rest. The 2012 budget is probably a couple million short. The only discretionary money the city has at its disposal is in wages and fringes.When the city keeps giving more and more of its discretionary money away the cities problems go out for years to come. They will be asking for a big millage to balance the budget. Reality says they can’t get enough money in the short term to stop the slide. They will be back every year for more millage. We passed a millage for safety not long ago that was supposed to take care of police and fire. What happened the millage is still being collected . Is the terms of the millage being complied with? I think not. The council has power however it would appear they would rather not use it. Time for change.


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