If You Ignore the Question it will go Away..

Does anyone notice that questions from council members are not answered. At the May 10 2011 council meeting council woman Van Houten asked two questions both were in regards to the NSP program.  The first question was about the home that is 90% demolished Sara and the assistant to the Mayor who was the head of the NSP program until the first of May said that they can not demolish the home. The “rules” they said do not allow them to do that. Council woman Van Houten asked if there was an exception to the rule? The question was never answered and that would indicate to me that they do not know if there is an exception to the rule. The second question was how much has been spent to date on the NSP? Sara said that around 550,000.00 has come back council woman Van Houten then asked “how much has been spent”? Again question not answered.

This goes on over and over and what is so frustrating is that the person who will ask the question and not get an answer will not ask again or tell them you did not answer my question. I just don’t understand that. If you as a council member have asked a question you deserve the respect to have it answered. When you let your questions go unanswered it looks as if you are not worthy of an answer and that is certainly not the case.

The questions that Van Houten asked were very good ones those questions were the same ones I was sitting asking the TV as I was watching the meeting I was happy when she asked the question. Then the question was not answered. Not one of the council members including council woman Van Houten asked the question again. Why not? Well I am asking the question again is there an exception to the rule? Has anyone called to find out? I will ask the other question how much has been spent so far?

This total disrespect for the council members has to end ignoring them as if they do not exists is the same as ignoring the residents. The residents put the council members there and when they are shafted you are shafting us the voters. When a resident calls a council member and ask them a question they give an answer or they will get one for them. Council woman Van Houten ask those questions again at the next meeting please and this time make sure they answer.


3 thoughts on “If You Ignore the Question it will go Away..”

  1. since they are all out of their gourds, they probably think money grows on trees.
    trust me, i’ve been trying to wrap my head around the nonsense. gives me a headache.
    This house of cards with eventually fall. give it time.


  2. This is just another point of proof that the people in charge of the NSP are totally out of touch. Redo a house from the bottom up, from four corners? WTH! I can’t believe what I hear come out of their mouths! And they say that is what they are supposed to do?? This is what the rules are?? You have to be out of your mind to do this, government money or not! Uh, where do you think the government money comes from??? From outer space where your existence has escaped to??
    Hey, just for information purposes, let’s say you have a complaint on what the administration is doing, where do you go with your complaint? Ha. Who is your rep? Mine is BoB ConStan….if you choose to follow rank and file, there you go. Anyone above him wouldn’t believe it!


  3. I would like to make a comment about BOB.Please dont be bothered by him one must remember who his mentor is (mayor).Do not expect anything else from him. Ignore the whole situation.


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