Oh No BoB is Mad…

Bob I do not take threats lightly and threatening me did yourself no favors. Bob the last time I looked we still have the right in this country to disagree with someone.  So why are you getting so up set with me when I am exercising my right to speak out against you?

I have a right along with every one else to say something about the viscous way you are going after the former clerk. I might add the former clerk who is still going to work at the clerk’s office. The former clerk who is training the temporarily appointed clerk. The former clerk who if you were to get elected might have to be training you BOB. This statement in the Press and Guide is an example of why so many of us are upset with BOB

“update the technology to ensure fair and accurate elections,” Source: Press and Guide

I will ask you again when ever was there an election in the city of Dearborn Heights that was not Fair or Accurate? Give the Date and the evidence of your slanderous statement. Is this all you know? Is this how you are going to run you whole campaign with mud-slinging, insults and making wild accusations. You might be interested in knowing that the former clerk has just finished a Fair, and Accurate Election. You might like to know that at this time she is still in the clerk’s office showing the temporarily appointed clerk how to do those Fair and Accurate Elections. Threatening me BOB and saying that I will pay for writing about you doesn’t have much of an effect on me. This might be how they do things in Lansing, but it is not how Dearborn Heights does things. Save your threats and mud-slinging for your job in Lansing the City of Dearborn Heights has enough Bullies we do not need another one.


1 thought on “Oh No BoB is Mad…”

  1. Boy, he is a piece of work isn’t he?
    So, he threatening the citizens of this city?
    WE all have a right to agree, or disagree with someone.
    What a hypocrite. He can say all the crap he wants, but gets pissy when we throw crap back.
    Someone needs to take a pin and pop his head. it’s getting too big.


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