Four Corners of a House left standing..

The city still can not demolish it, the house is an NSP home that the city put in for renovations under the NSP grant.

Big surprise no one saw that the whole house is damaged and 90% of it has to be replaced, but the good news is that the four corners of the house are still there. When asked by councilman Berry why they do not just demolish the home well because they can not do that or so they say under the rules of the NSP Grant. Just one more mistake in a long line of absolute debacles associated with the NSP Grant.. So why did no one see this? Could it be because no one from our building department looked at these homes If you remember back in December of 2010 the building director said that he did not inspect, or put any of the specs together for any of the homes in the NSP grant program. Two years later and there is still messes to clean up thanks to the incompetence of those running this grant. How the hell do you miss a whole house in that kind of condition how do you miss that much damage? Did anyone even go and look at the house? Does not seem like it, if they did who ever signed off on that should be fired.

What is even better is this house was awarded to a contractor who now will be putting in for change orders and how many change orders have we had all ready? The last meeting and the one before and if I am not mistaken the one before that one. So far almost every house except the two that went for final payment and have been on the market to sell. All have submitted change orders after finding that it will cost more money to fix them. Why? Because who ever put the specs together for these homes did not do their job. This just keeps getting better and better. One council person said to me that they never want to hear the word (NSP) again. This could have been avoided if the people who were suppose to administer this grant did so in the first place. The Building Department and the Community and Economic Development Department. So another year of more NSP screw ups more change orders and more third-party administrator invoices goody gum drops can not wait.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Councilwomen Horvath, and Badalow vote NO on the change orders..


4 thoughts on “Four Corners of a House left standing..”

  1. Mona

    You are right the building director did say that at the December CCM and he went on to say that he did not know how he was going to be able to pass these house’s for final inspection because he did not do the ruff inspection. Imagine the excuses for these mistakes is “We were rushed” great! It might have helped if you would not have taken this program from the Community and Economic Department and put it in your office Mr. Mayor in the first place. I think it has much more to do with that then the fact of “We were rushed.”


  2. The third party is the one who is finding these contractors, an if i’m not mistaken, the building director even said at one time some of them have no license, or expired.
    most likely these are buddies or family of the third party and fattening their wallets with this program.


  3. OMG. Who’s idea was this? When are the citizens going to get together and snatch these nut cases out of their “positions”? WTH.
    I have seen on my own how the contractors are so savvy to set up their estimates, KNOWING that there will be lots and lots of extras via change orders. Bid low for the job, then expand on the change orders. That’s how the program for the low income citizens to bring their homes up to code is run. The contractor who knows his stuff bids low, then does the change order dance to bring it up to big profit. Then the low income citizen is stuck with a bill the size of Ohio, and can’t do a darn thing about it except pay it. I watched a friend go through that one. What a surprise that was.
    So, what else is new? NSP? I bet that wasn’t the way the gov’t meant for it to happen. I bet if they knew how things were going here they would get someone to take the heat for the incompetence. Wonder who that could even be????
    And while we are on the subject of homes with problems in DH, I would like to ask Mr Muskat how his damage control is going. Any comments?


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