Dearborn Heights Pharmacy Offering Free Antibiotics..

Dearborn Heights Pharmacy provided more than 1500 free antibiotics in the last 6 month for people who can’t afford it, we started our program 4 months prior to Meijer and our list include more antibiotic classes even the extended release ( no strings attached ) .

For more information please contact:

Nabil Fakih the Pharmacist @ 313-724-1111 or visit our website


10 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights Pharmacy Offering Free Antibiotics..”

  1. i love my wonderfull pharmacist nabil fakih and his crewn, best of the best. everyone walks to dearborn heights pharmacy walks out with a big smile .
    love you guys and thanks for everything
    christina berry


  2. Thank you so much,, for every thing,, you ve been helping our comunity alot,,, you are one of the millions,, God bless..


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