Leading Antibiotics now FREE at your Meijer Pharmacy…

Leading Antibiotics are now FREE at your Meijer Pharmacy-No Strings Attached!

“Rising health care costs are having a dramatic impact on families across the country, especially here in the Midwest. Our free antibiotic program is the next step Meijer is taking to lead the industry toward improving the health of our customers. It is all about delivering higher standards.”

-Mark Murray, Meijer president

The program covers leading, oral generic antibiotics with a special focus on the prescriptions most often filled for children. The following are FREE with your doctor’s prescription, regardless of insurance or co-pay:

.Penicillin VK

Prescription must be picked up at store in person. Maximum 14 day supply at normal oral dosages. Does not include extended release formulations. List may be subject to change. Not valid with any other offer.”

Thank You Linda Butler for sending this to me to put up on the blog…


3 thoughts on “Leading Antibiotics now FREE at your Meijer Pharmacy…”

  1. Yes, thank you for this info. I know many people who really need the help. Thank you to Meijer’s for being a part of the community and solving some important issues.


  2. Dearborn Heights Pharmacy provided more than 1500 free antibiotics in the last 6 month for people who can’t afford it, we started our program 4 months prior to Meijer and our list include more antibiotic classes even the extended release ( no strings attached ) . For more information please contact Nabil Fakih the Pharmacist @ 313-724-1111 or visit our website http://www.dhprx.com.


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