Why Spend Money when you can get it done for Free..

Why does the school board spend money on an election when they can have that same election for free..

Last Tuesday there was a school board election yep there was and guess what a little over 900 people decided who was going to stay on the Crestwood school board. There was no one running against them so no surprise that no one came out to vote.. In past elections if there is anyone who would dare to run you have them coming out in huge numbers to make sure that they keep them on the SB.. I know you do not believe what I am saying, but just go back to the last time there was an election and remember who was running look at the numbers and you will see the huge difference.. Having said all of that while school boards are worrying about money they could be doing their elections in November and it would not cost them anything. Well why don’t they? Well because it is better to have them in May when no one is even thinking about going out and voting. In November there would be more people coming out and voting thus the chance of them being re-elected goes way down.

How much did this last election cost the school board? Well at least the very least would be $5,000.00 most likely much more than that. Money that does not have to be spent an idea that has been put before this school board before and rejected by them. What are they afraid of?  A little over 900 and 900 of those voters were absentee voters at one poll there were 6 people who voted. That is what they count on, they count on low turn out that is why they keep spending money to have the election in May.. Not even 1,000 voters came out. The 2009 election was much different with PR1 324 votes PR2 500 votes PR3 203 votes PR4 235 votes and the absentee voters 1,519. To say that they have the school board on lock down is an under statement. Money that could be spent on students is wasted on elections that they could very well hold in November..No more excuses this needs to change stop spending money on something that you can get done for free…


3 thoughts on “Why Spend Money when you can get it done for Free..”

  1. Mona

    I hear that all the time parents who can not wait for their kids to be done with school in this district.. All I can say is next time there is an election for CWSB someone needs to run and voters need to come out and vote.. Want a change vote the change that is the only way.


  2. i didn’t know there was an election. they kept it on the low down, so they could secure their seats. that is underhanded. i feel slighted that i didn’t get the opportunity to voice my right to vote.
    how dare they make that determination.
    most of those individuals serve on their for self purpose, and not for the community.
    Rose, how could you have known that this would be the end result?
    i only like one person currently on the board, the rest can go. i can’t wait till my kids are done with school in this district.


  3. They do it for the same reason that people resign from office not long after an election. The governing body and special interest will have greater control over who will get the seat. They make deals with the devil and send us the bill.

    When I was on the Crestwood Board years ago I made the mistake of allowing voting on non-general elections, letting the School District run elections and I have regretted it ever since. For this I ask forgiveness.

    My objective was to save money and it did for a while. We know how that goes.


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