Saving a Job one Cell Phone at a Time…

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Currently there are 40 people in our city who receive a cell phone stipend why there is even one is a question that has to be put to the Mayor.. Each stipend is for $65.00 that is $2,600 a month by 12 is $31,200 what the hell are people who work for this city doing still getting a cell phone stipend when the administration is eliminating positions. It is not that this Mayor is so great that he keeps this little perk for the few in the city that receive. This little perk is kept at the cost of someone’s job.. Is keeping a cell phone allowance so important to people who sit in their office all day that you would rather destroy someones livelihood over? There have been two post eliminated that are what you might call upper management. The first was the deputy comptroller and the second is the deputy clerk. The rest of the eliminating has come from AFSCME union workers clerk/typist, crossing guard, the animal control officer who is AFSCME not the police officers union. These are just what I can remember nothing is coming from the recreation department, and the ones coming from the police are not from the higher salaried officers. I know it is not much, but if the cell phone stipends are eliminated you might be able to save a job. Who is looking at the actual minute usage for each and everyone of these cell phones? Who is seeing if there are $65.00 dollars worth of calls made for city business on these cell phones? NO one that’s who, what for just give a straight $65.00 a month and that’s it. There are a few in the city that spend a lot of time out of the office, but in this day and age almost everyone has a cell phone anyway. Most have packages that give a lot of minutes for talk and text or in some cases you pay 5 dollars extra a month and get unlimited text messaging. I have asked some officials from other city’s to find out if they are offering cell phone stipends to anyone in those city’s. One person eyes got wide and moth fell open at the thought of a city even doing such a thing.

Same thing for the cars not one official that I talk with does not say “what”? Why is the city still giving cars to people to drive home? Who does that these days? One person said we stopped doing that years ago. You know every 3 thousand miles these cars need oil changes how much does that cost a year. The gas that is pumped into these cars how much is that every month? Tire change for the cars, any repairs that need to be done to them all of this adds up at the end of the year who is adding this up to see the totals? Does anyone keep track of this? How much does it come to at the end of the year? Someone told me that all of this is nothing compared to what was given to the police officers in their contract. That may be true, but the police contract is done and the council is not going to pursue it they are not even going to get the transcript of the arbitration to see just what happened. I think most of us who followed that knew what was going to happen long before the negotiating was over just look at who did the negotiating and you understand. When that all comes home to roost that is when you will hear from taxpayers of Dearborn Heights.


11 thoughts on “Saving a Job one Cell Phone at a Time…”

  1. Dan, if you are single and making 40k in this economy you doing great. if your married with kids, yeah it could be difficult.
    I personally know people with a masters degree that are making less than you. consider yourself fortunate to have a job.
    i also know people in sales, which is commission only.
    Try that one on for size. how about working like? (your pay check is based on how much somebody buys from you, and no one is spending right now)
    at least you know exactly what your gonna get each pay check, and can budget accordingly.
    if you are union, im sure you only contribute a small portion of your check for your health/dental insurance, where as there are people working for big company’s that have to pay for all there insurance AND MAKE LESS THAN YOU. the company doesn’t contribute one dime.
    We have a revenue problem in this city, and everything needs to be looked at, to see where we need to make cuts. sorry if you might take this personal, but as CITIZENS we have the right to question the spending of the city and it’s employees, since WE THE CITIZEN PAY THEIR SALARIES. it’s our money, and we want to know what’s being done with it.


  2. one comment about cell phones, AS an employee I make about 30 calls a week for city business/ that little amount I receive every 3mo only covers a portion of my monthly cell phone bill. I do believe that some people really don’t need it but there are a few of us that do. I have never received any overtime money since I started working for the city. I get a base pay wage thats it. Try paying a mortage on 40k along with all my other bills…..I truly believe that I deserve it.


  3. I am sure most city lines are recorded so that may be a reason someone will use there cell phone over the office phone. Most cell phones and most city cars need to be taken away.


  4. Sean

    That is what I have said for two years why would you talk from your cell phone when you are in your office and most that get a cell phone stipend are in the office all day.. What should have happened two years ago or even just last budget was to cut that out, but oh no not then and not now..


  5. I agree I have said that for a long time and maybe some of you who pay attention to another one it would be good for that person when it is time needs to leave too. Just because a person speaks loudly and likes to hear himself speak does not mean he is good for our city at this time.


  6. When a city employee that receives a cell phone stipend is talking on their cell phone during work hours, THAT is a blatant waste of money! ALL city employees are provided with a desk phone. There is absolutely no reason why an employee should be talking on their cell phone! NONE!




  8. I agree only a very select few should have a city cell phone and take home vehicle. No take home city vehicles should be allowed to leave the city.


  9. The council members need to step up and take all this in hand.They all need to stand together and quit allowing this to be going on,but of cource there will be one or two that has to be o.k with what the mayor does. They need to realise that whwn the time comes this mayor will not be there for them as I am sure some know by now.


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