How Much Time Do We Spend Thinking About the Clerks Office..

The other day I was talking with someone who said no one cares who is the clerk. No body even thinks about who is in that office that got me thinking do people even care who the clerk is?

Section 5.5.  Duties of the City Clerk.

(a)   The City Clerk shall be Clerk of the Council and shall attend all meetings of the Council and keep a permanent journal of its proceedings in the English language;
(b)   He shall keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the Council;
(c)   He shall have power to administer all oaths required by State Law, this Charter and the ordinances of the City;
(d)   He shall be custodian of the City seal, and shall affix it to all documents and instruments requiring the seal, and shall attest the same;
(e)   He shall be the custodian of all papers, documents, and records pertaining to the City, the custody of which is not otherwise provided for by this Charter;
(f)   He shall give the proper officials of the City ample notice of the expiration or termination of any official bonds, franchises, contracts, or agreements;
(g)   He shall issue and sign all licenses granted after the license fee has been paid to the City Treasurer, and shall register the same;
(h)   He shall possess and exercise the powers of a township clerk so far as the same are required to be performed within the City;
(i)   He shall certify by his signature all ordinances and resolutions enacted or passed by the Council;
(j)   He shall countersign all warrants in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.9 of this Charter;
Just a little side note when are we going to change the wording of the city charter to show that gee a woman is and can be the clerk come on guys really “He shall”.

Any way not to get off subject as you can see above the clerk’s office holds all the records of this city. The clerk’s office runs the elections for the city.  Those of you that receive your absentee ballots without giving it even a moments thought of just how much work has to go into getting those ballots to you. Those of us who go and vote at our polling place do not understand that those voting booths did not just get there by themselves in-order for us to vote. I never fully appreciated just how much work goes into preparing for and election until I ran for city council.  Just seeing how much work our former clerk put into every election getting the poll workers ready getting and meeting with the pit crew. Preparing every machine running the test on the machines making sure every thing adds up at the end of the day.. Take the school board election on Tuesday the former clerk did all the work getting that election ready to go.  The former clerk is there almost every day working hard to make sure that the clerk’s office stays at the same level of great service it has always had..
Endless hours go into making sure an election runs smooth and the work for these elections starts months in advance.
Give some thought about who you want to put in that office when you fill out your absentee ballots or go to the polls to vote. The clerk’s office is one of the most important office’s in the city and the person who will be our new clerk carry’s a very big responsibility. We as voters must make sure that the person that we elect to that office is beyond reproach. We have to make sure that office maintains the integrity that it has always had.

1 thought on “How Much Time Do We Spend Thinking About the Clerks Office..”

  1. Judy is a hard working Lady and they should not say that she didn’t do her job. She has done a excellent job. Haven’t hear what Bob Constan has done?


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