Current Claims and Professional Services for NSP…

Mckenna Associates had a invoice for January and February on the last agenda packet you can see this on the city web site Number 6-9 this invoice was for $27,844.26. What I find interesting is when you scroll down to the end last page C. Reimbursable  Previous Unpaid Invoices. These invoices go back to September 2010 thru January total of these are $66,743.57. (The salary of the assistant to the Mayor is 60,000.00) The city is still waiting for around $400,000.00 all of the money that has come back from the state and still outstanding is money that was paid out by the city.. I do not think the money we are getting from the state includes the unpaid invoices for Mckenna. Remember the city is only allowed 10% of the grant fund to go towards the administration of the grant. The city has relied almost entirely on a third-party administrator to administer NSP Grant.  The Grant Manager who is or was as of today the assistant to the Mayor did not charge her time that she worked on the grant. How much money could the city have saved if someone who knew what they were doing was administering this grant from the city.

The grant was not designed to cost a city money out of their general fund it was designed to have knowledgeable people within the city administering the grant. Right now all of the money owed to McKenna will be paid out of the general fund of the city. At a time when the city can least afford this they are going to have to pay the bill. This is not including outstanding invoices from Wade Trim you can see them on the same invoice from McKenna total for these $16,773.92. How do all of these numbers play into the 2009-2010 budget that is a deficit budget. Do these number have an effect on the 2011-2012 budget don’t outstanding payments have to be carried over these are what I consider expenses. If you look at the proposed budget there is no line item for NSP. There is still 800,000.00 that has been committed to spend on NSP those committed funds are from the general fund there is no mention of them in the budget again this is an expenses. If this does not need to be in the budget shouldn’t there at least be a separate report that shows the taxpayers what is out standing and what funds are committed for the NSP Grant.

I would also like to point out that one of the charges from McKenna is for arranging a Channel 7 News interview regarding NSP can someone please tell me what the hell that is about now I need to pay McKenna to arrange interviews with the news media. Oh isn’t this the interview with the program manager the assistant to the Mayor? Why would she need McKenna to arrange anything? Well you guys take a look at it, look at what they are charging the city for..


6 thoughts on “Current Claims and Professional Services for NSP…”

  1. Since when does Mckenna represent our city?
    every time something seems to be going on, they are amidst the situation. its usually something that is messed up. they are supposedly the experts on how to run government grant programs, and assisting with ‘their professional” people. Sounds like they do alot of bs, and pandering to the mayor and his pocket people. Not to mention all the people that making money bilking these programs for their own financial gain.


  2. Will someone please answer Anonymous’s question??? Why the interview?? Why the charge?? What was reported?? What does MkKenna have on the admin?? Someone speak up!


  3. the mayor is trying to make it look appealing by saying that we are in the process of selling the incinerator property.
    Makes it sound “official”. Those monies aren’t going to touch what we owe.
    If we are hit with a millage request, what does the mayor care? He’s in a rental property.
    Nancy is right, the #’s just don’t add up.
    They must think we are dumb.


  4. Nancy this is what I have been saying for a very long time not only that the council has still not been informed as to the amount of deficit nor has a plan been given to them except we are going to sell the property. I thought it is against the law not to inform the council of this law does not seem to play a big part in Dearborn Heights.


  5. The cost over runs will show up in this years budget. Will be booked as accounts payable in the financial statements. Will have an effect on cash flow and deficit.
    What I found amazing is the council authorized interfund borrowing to the tune of $10and a half million dollars without one question on how you intend to pay the loans back. This is business as usual rubber stamp . Don’t ask don’t tell.
    I asked the clerks office for the exact wording on the safety millage we approved to make sure the city is in compliance. To date I have not received the information. I guess I have to go the freedom of information route.
    The budget format used tells you nothing. The proper format should be columns as follows.

    2010 /11 budget Projected to year end variance 2012 budget If these four columns were lined up you could easily see the status of 2011 budget and how it compares to what you are asking for in a new one. Simple format, informative and easy for anyone to understand.
    I know councilwoman Horvath reads this so could we get the format change?

    What I see coming at the taxpayers is a hugh millage request to bail out the city . What we are being told just does not add up.

    If the city has a 4 million dollar deficit how is it the new budget is only 2 million less. As far as selling the property that does not make up the shortfall its kicking the can down the road.


  6. why is channel 7 interviewing McKenna? Unless they were inquiring about something. Maybe Channel 7 should come back, and ask why the city is being charged for an interview that they did with McKenna. Sounds like we need do an citizens We need to get rid of McKenna. Councilwomen Horvath has questioned there practice of billing for awhile, along with other contractors the city works with.


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