Kicking off a Campaign with Insults…

I was surprised to see that our State Rep Bob Constan would prefer not to complete his term as our Rep.. That’s right guys the person that you just voted for and was sworn in this January has decided that he want’s to be our City Clerk. I did not agree when the Mayor did this if you recall the Mayor left his State Rep position  to come back here and become the Mayor. If memory serves me I do believe that he left the council before his term to become State Rep in the first place. Many politicians do this I understand, but I think what is bothering me about Bob is how he  decided to kick off his campaign. I guess in the only way he knows how by mud-slinging and insults to the previous clerk. Bob has nothing to stand for except to insult the woman who gave close to 20 years working in or running the clerk’s office. This is what we have to look forward to if the voters are to vote for this man as a clerk. Disruptive and negativity to say the least his campaign kick off has nothing to do with the respectful way he wants to treat the residents.

Here is what was sent out to his supporters I took out the address of the person this was sent too..

—-Original Message—–
From: Robert Constan <>
Sent: Wed, Apr 27, 2011 9:39 pm

I am running for Dearborn Heights City Clerk! I believe I can bring greater efficiency and a higher level of Customer Service to the City Clerk’s Office. I will work to ensure that absentee ballot holders receive their ballots in a timely fashion and that it is easier for everyone to Vote. I will also work to coordinate business license renewals and other functions of the Clerk’s office are coordinated with all the other City Departments. I will make sure the Dearborn Heights City Clerk’s office provides the best customer service possible to all residents of Dearborn Heights.

I am barred from running for State Representative again because of term limits. I would like for you to be involved in my Campaign. I am having a meeting tomorrow at 6:00 pm at the Canfield Community Center with the prominent members of the Community. I hope you can attend. Call me when you have a moment at (###) ###-7489 (Cell Phone) Hope to talk to you soon.

Robert Constan

Attorney and Counselor at Law

I have taken out his address phone number, and email address that were at the end of the email.. The substance of the email and the subject line are just how I received them..

Now let’s talk about this lovely letter first when have the absentee ballot holders ever received their ballots in an untimely fashion. The former clerk was never late sending out absentee ballots I would challenge Bob to tell us when and bring forward someone who did not get their absentee ballot on time. Bob you can not just throw out this kind of crap right out the gate and not expect that someone is going to say hey wait a minute. The former clerk is still working in the clerk’s office almost every day. Do you think you can make these kind of accusations without being called out on them. Do you think you can send this out to people and they will not be angered at what you are trying to do. Did you think that the former clerk does not have friends in the city.  You claim that you are going to make it easier for us to VOTE, when has it been hard for us to vote in Dearborn Heights? Voting is made as easy as the rules and laws will allow. Unless the United States Government make it possible to vote from your cell phone or your computer not sure how much easier it can be. Take for instance today you can go to the clerks office and vote for the School Board election Saturday Voting.

You say ” I can bring greater efficiency and a higher level of Customer Service to the City Clerk’s Office. “ Greater efficiency what is done in the clerk office now that is not efficient? How many times have you gone to the clerks office on business and your business there was not handled with efficiency? You are going to bring a higher level of “customer service” you can not get much higher in customer service than with the former clerk. Who was respectful, friendly, caring, and very understanding who went out of her way to get an answer to any question that someone might have.. If this letter is any indication of what we have to look forward to in your customer service area I am not looking forward to it at all. In your letter you claim that you will make sure ” City Clerk’s office provides the best customer service possible to all residents of Dearborn Heights.”  Careful Bob, are you saying that the clerk’s office is discriminating against some residents who are the group of residents that the clerk’s office did not give the best service to?

When did the clerk office not coordinate with other departments in the city? You have spent so much time at city hall to know just what the clerk’s office is coordinating or not. Do you spend that much time in the other city’s you represent to understand the workings of those city’s clerks office as well. Unless you are there on a daily basis how would you know what is happening there. The residents of Dearborn Heights do not need a nasty clerk election we like clean elections. I think you have given us all a nice look at just how you are going to run for City Clerk.


22 thoughts on “Kicking off a Campaign with Insults…”

  1. the mayor and his”people” don’t like her.
    I think she is great. Gives it to you straight up, no sugar.
    A true hard ball Italian. my kind of person.


  2. Why would anyone not like Ms M Horvath? Just because she asks questions, stands her ground when she knows the facts, speaks up when the bs starts, and isn’t afraid to say what her brain is thinking? I am very comfortable with her representing me, and I think others may learn a lot from her.


  3. Marge,
    I am off track here, but please make sure that the city keeps the animal control position. With all the pit bulls and recent attacks in the city we really need him.


  4. Well someone needs to find out for sure if he did collect signatures at the senior centers. Those centers are off limits for any type of politicking. Well why am I surprised to hear this after all his wife is the Deputy Director of that department he would have full access to them and just who is going to stop them. If one employee opened their mouth up about it they would be gone. If this kind of stuff is happening already just wait until he shows up to the senior centers to campaign. I just hope that someone will have the guts to call the powers that be outside of this city and tell someone what is going on.

    Can you imagine if he got elected as the clerk someone so willing and ready to break rules in that office, this is a very scary thought. Your right Titanium Lips TRUST not so much with this Man this person is running for an office that has everything to do with following election laws and so far he is walking all over the rules. Bob does not need to fit in he already does they are like two peas in a pod Bob and the Mayor great buds just one more reason to be very worried about having this man as the Clerk the Mayor and his assistant would be running the clerks office and if that is going to happen just get rid of the clerk position and just give it to the Assistant to the Mayor to do it. That is what the Mayor has wanted all along and now this is his best chance to have it. Next will be the Treasures office finding a way to get rid of the city Treasure whom we all know he does not want there.


  5. So, what can you do about it? Isn’t there some policy on the books that says he has to pay a fine or at least belly-crawl to city hall wearing an A.H. or B.S. on his back? This is the kind of thing we expect out of the mayor’s office, maybe Bob is just trying to fit in. Did I hear that he was also collecting signatures for his petition at the senior centers? Someone who can’t follow the rules that are already laid can’t be trusted to handle votes or elections or watering the plants….


  6. Isn’t his wife the the assistant Director for parks and Rec
    dept??????? That would be the reason why he was able to do that. Did she break policy for her politicking husband?
    If it was a break in policy, she won’t have consequences either. Another pocket person.
    Thank you for bringing light to that Marge!


  7. The meeting that Mr. Constan had on the 28th of April at the Canfield Center, with important community leaders, was an absolutely illigal meeting. Mr. Constan should know, as an elected official, that public buildings can not be used for political purposes. Of course if you don’t say exactly what you are using the facility for who would know? .


  8. I am so glad to see Councilwoman Horvath stand up and voice her opinion. People out there may not like Marge (I personally love her ) but no one can ever say she doesn’t give everything for this city. Marge is involved in every aspect of this city and cares deeply about its well being.
    Bob Constan on the other hand is not even close to Marge Horvath’s league and hearing Marge’s opinion on this matter should go a long way with the voters.


  9. Bob Constan was never about fighting for anyone except Bob Constan!!
    He is just looking for his next paycheck and he thinks his name and friendship with the Mayor will get him a shoe in. What does he know about being a city clerk???

    The only person I would consider for this position is Janet Badalow. She has lived here all her life and is endorsed by Judy herself. Janet knows the clerks office and even Judy said she is qualified for the position.

    Bob needs to look elsewhere for his next handout, and keep his insults about someone who gave 20+ years of her life to the city of Dearborn Heights to himself.


  10. Constan is a joke!

    This is about coming back to be close to his buddy the Mayor. The Mayor may have trouble getting re-elected next term, but if his Buddy Constan is a good boy and does OK at being the City Clerk, then maybe he can be the next Mayor of Dearborn Heights.

    I would never vote for Bob Constan… and if the residents look closely at his track record you will see that he is nothing more than a career panhandler that is simply looking for his next handout.


  11. Now more than ever we need someone in Lansing who is going to fight for us. Instead he is going to run away from that fight. Instead of staying and fighting for all of his constituents he is turning his back on them. I don’t think anyone who voted for him expected him to run away from a fight. I am sure those who voted for him thought he would stay and fight for them.


  12. Well, look who has come to town. We haven’t heard much from you since you became Rep. now your time is up and you are showing your face at council meetings and newspaper articles. Did the Mayor ask you to run? I am sure he would like one of his puppets in there. You can’t add a thing to the list of improvements at the clerks office, someone already has them in the works. You need to go back to your lying ,I mean Lawyering , thats might be what you do best.


  13. I will not vote for him. Im sure he is going to be endorsed by the mayor. I will not endorse a pocket person.
    his statement is borderline slanderous.
    Judy ran a tight ship, and was polite, professional.
    the only department i didn’t experience miss treatment.
    His comments were disrespectful.
    Marge is correct. Stick to being a lawyer, sir.


  14. M. Horvath! You are right on! Besides being Italian, you can read between the lines so well!
    There may be a problem with him going back to “lawyering”, I heard he wasn’t that brilliant at that either. But, I think it is our esteemed mayor at the helm of this. I think the mayor doesn’t want anyone in there, as clerk, who he either can’t control or isn’t one of his buds. It is quite apparent that Bob’s his bud….
    Voters, please use your head! Think about what is going on in our city at this time. We don’t need anyone else that has his head stuck up the…I mean, has his loyalties to the mayor or the administration. Come on Mr Constan, we know you read this blog, let’s hear it from your pc. Tell us where your loyalties lie.
    We knew where the previous clerk stood. Tell us where you stand.


  15. Mr. Constan, there is not another clerk’s office in our area that is run as efficiently as the Dearborn Heights Clerk’s Office. How are you going to get the ballots to the absentees in a timely manner? Deliver them yourself! Since you are term limited do the right thing leave and get a job that you know how to do already. Lawyering.
    Councilwoman Horvath


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