Someone Forgot To Tell Garden City..

While Garden city is changing that city’s vicious dog ordinance and counting on the contract with Dearborn Heights. I think someone forgot to tell Garden City.

The Garden City Council Monday unanimously approved an amendment to its vicious dog ordinance following a public hearing.

“Basically what this does is clean up the language to comply with state law,” said Garden City Mayor Randy Walker.

Residents who spoke said that “there are no bad dogs, just irresponsible owners.”

Walker said that the city still has an animal control contract with Dearborn Heights which will respond to animal complaints. Source: HTL read the rest here

The administration in DH is eliminating the animal control officers position I don’t think anyone told GC that the city was going to do this. Oh let me guess the Dearborn Heights Police who are now going to be answering the dog calls here will be extending their service to GC. If Garden City has a contract with Dearborn Heights and the city is eliminating this position the work will be done by the Dearborn Heights Police Department it stands to reason that the DHP will be doing the contracted service for Garden City..


4 thoughts on “Someone Forgot To Tell Garden City..”

  1. Bravo Mr. Mayor! what a way to run our city!!!!!
    Just keep creating more problems for our city, and sit back and watch the crap pile up that you caused, and then point a finger at someone and blame them.
    pretty soon you are going to have no one else left but you, and your hat wearing assistant, and then what??????
    So, now it’s not our city he is effecting, but now GC?
    Boy, your expanding your BS to that city, and they didn’t do anything wrong to us. Quality leadership.
    I don’t think there is a big enough shovel to deal with all this.


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