Who’s The Mayor..

When you have to ask who is the Mayor you know you have a problem.. I know who was elected to that office, but that is not who many claim are running the center ring in the City Hall. Those who work in the city understand who has the power. They understand all to well that the Mayor, the person who was elected by the residents, is not the one who everyone has to make happy.. They understand that when they are going to go into negotiations for their contracts they will not be doing the negotiating with the elected Mayor. The Mayor made it very clear last year on more than one occasion that his assistant worked for one year on the police contract. He said this at council meetings to all the residents so I am not saying something that the Mayor him self does not admit to.

His assistant did the contract negotiations for the ASFCEME, for the Command Officers, the Fire Department and so on.. This is part of the Assistant Mayor/Assistant to the Mayor’s position I think, but I’ am not to sure about just how much power that job has. I do think that if you are going to be doing these things you should have the back ground to do it.. It might be helpful to have a back ground oh I don’t know in numbers like being a CPA might come in handy when sitting across the table with a union talking numbers.. What is the Mayor doing while the assistant is doing all the work? If the assistant is meeting on the budget, going to contract negotiations, sitting in on all lawsuits, Now when the workers in the city see that the Mayor is not there that his assistant is, that is not so subtle message being sent to everyone in the city. “This is the person to keep happy.” This is the person that we have to make sure we do not cross, this is the person who goes back to the Mayor and say’s what ever she likes to say.. You would think that if you are going to be passing all of your responsibilities on to someone else that you should be holding them responsible for what they are doing. That is not the case “The Buck” does not stop with anyone at the Mayors Office.


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