Pay Online Coming Soon.

Soon all of us can pay our taxes and water bill online the Treasure asked the council to approve  and let the Mayor sign a contract with a company to pay online. This is some more great news for the city and many who have been asking for this for some time now. There is a small charge to do this and it is up to each individual to accept it or not.. The Treasure also pointed out that this will be helpful to the city with the employee shortage that the city is experiencing right now. I hope some other departments will start using pay online there is more than one department that is experiencing a employee shortage. The building and engineering department is down they have called the 22 year veteran in after eliminating her job. She is back full time to fill a large void in that department. There is one part-time worker in that department from what I understand and this is the start of the busy season for that department.


16 thoughts on “Pay Online Coming Soon.”

  1. bitsy08,

    We should be able to pay using our online banking.
    What is wrong with our city administration?
    Time for change!


  2. As far as I’m concerned, if they want to charge me a fee to pay my bill they can take the system and you know what they can do with it. I’m not giving them any more of my money. It would seem to me in this day and age that we should be able to pay our bill WITHOUT a fee attached.


  3. Councilwoman Badalow, (If you are a visitor of this blog)

    Can you assist the city with this matter?


  4. just me says,

    Thank you, but you are not sure about the water bill payment.

    What is wrong with a link called PAY ON LINE on the city web page?

    Simplicity using IT tools! Hello city officials!

    Councilwoman Badalow will be able to help.


  5. FYI – Water & Taxes can both be paid on-line. For taxes, on the bottom of the City’s homepage, click on the link to the Treasurer’s office. Located on the Treasurer’s page there is a link to check your property taxes. Click on that link and you will be directed to BS&A’s website. This is where you can look up your property tax information and make a payment. At this point you must register and create a user ID. Property owners can view their property only, without charge. After this, you should be able to pay your taxes. Residents need to know that a third party provider processes these tax payments and the company charges a 3% fee of your total tax bill, for credit card transactions. Hope this helps.

    I believe the water payments work the same way.


  6. I went to water to see my water bill logged in and found I have zero balance. With a zero balance that option to pay may not be available. I just wanted to find out if anyone out there has been able to pay their taxes or water online.


  7. Were you pay online?

    I checked the city website, no links or window to that effect.

    No were to locate.


  8. Let’s hold off on this until we get some conformation that we can’t pay online yet. As I said didn’t see anything, but I’m showing zero balance owed at this time.


  9. Anonymous,

    Another “lip-service” The “lip-service” business is boooooming in Dearborn Heights. I wonder who promise the payments on line?


  10. I went to the city website didn’t see any option to pay, but I have zero balance. Maybe someone who’s used paying online for their taxes or water bill could let us know.


  11. To R Muscat: I haven’t heard what has happened as yet…Has the city decided the flooding is your fault yet? I am waiting to hear if I was right or if I owe apologies to anyone. I am ready to apologize if the situation calls for it…My first post to you was on April 28th, today is May 12th, I am so eager to hear something!


  12. Titanium Lips

    I was thinking the same thing when I was watching it I said to myself here we go again. The Mayor who is unwilling to share information, important information. If the city hopes to get the 20% discount they have to sign up the accessory office along with the treasures office. Wounder if councilwoman Horvath wouldn’t have brought it up would the Treasure have ever known about it then what the city would loss out on the savings all in an effort to make him look bad. Why because he runs his office as he should independent of yours Mr. Mayor. As should the Clerks office these offices should remain independent of each other to keep the integrate of them all. The Mayor could not wait to get rid of the Clerk and I am sure he is looking forward to the day that the Treasure will leave the city. If the Mayor has not hand picked them and he can not have his hands in those offices he is not happy. When people stand up to this Mayor they are put on the sh** list most of us have seen this happen time and time again only when you are singing his praises and turning a blind eye to what he is doing are you tolerated by this Mayor not liked just tolerated. I have said it time and time again that this is not the time for games, but hell who am I if they must play these games to make themselves feel good about them selves than so be it. Why does he care nothing can happen to him anyway who is going to stop him? No One…


  13. Hey to R. Muscat. I have a feeling that you will be following protocol…right now THEY are paying attention and making you feel secure. I hope that you will let us know when the shmoozing is over and you are just one of the many pains in the butt. I really like you, respect the way you pay attention to your neighborhood. I think you are trying to do your best on this flooding issue. What I am going to hate is when they burst your balloon. If I am wrong, I will take the heat, but if I am right, let the people know.


  14. Nice. (re: online paying of taxes, water, etc.) Bringing the technology up to date, or close anyway.
    BUT, I have to criticize the way the “Powers that be” have tried to put egg on the face of our Treasurer, again. The person who stood at the mic and described how discounts would be accomplished, after M. Horvath read from her papers, and the Treasurer had to say he had not been included in the discussion. But the mayor had, and others, but not the Treasurer. Don’t they know how ignorant they look, when they do things like that? I have seen it done before, so it isn’t new, but it sure does irritate us citizens. Us onlookers can tell who is on the sh** list of the mayor, just by watching a meeting. As usual, the right thing isn’t done, the proper things aren’t done, and transparency is the buried word.


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