Great Announcement City Council Agenda Packet Online…

Thank You Thank You guys you can now get the whole council agenda packet online.. Go to the city website click on city Government click  then city council Meetings Agendas and Minutes and you will see part 1 and part 2.  Thank you to Eve the new council secretary and who ever else put this together. This is great you can now see everything that the council will be voting on and spending taxpayer money on. You can now look at it and call them before they vote if you have a question or want to express your views on it. As some of you might know I have been asking for this for a very long time. Councilwoman Badalow asked for this years ago. Read and understand what is going on.. This would be a great thing for the city to put on the city’s Dash Board when they make it. Great Job everyone…


5 thoughts on “Great Announcement City Council Agenda Packet Online…”

  1. I don’t think I would go that far, MH. There were many others before him that came up with that idea. You can give him credit for doing it, and let’s see what other ideas he listens to…


  2. Going on line was one of the first things that the new City Clerk wanted to get done. I think he should be given some recognition.


  3. Nancy

    I see in the agenda just what the contract has in it and what the council is voting on. I do not know what non union people receiving the same as union except that they will get the same benefits. I do not think there has been any more money from the state since the last 377,000.00 I do not know where in the budget the other 800,000.00n that has been committed is at. If the city is borrowing from departments to make pay roll where is the city going to get the money to finish the NSP? We are well over the 10 percent you are right and the council knows this every penny spent from now on on administering the grant will be coming out of the general fund. The NSP grant will be moved back to the CEDD on May 1 it is my opinion it should have never been taken out of that department. It is also my opinion that had it stayed in the CEDD the city would not have had so many problems getting the money back from the state nor would the city be over on the administration of the grant. When you have to hire a 3rd party company to administer the grant that is what happens. You might want to ask the union question to one of our council members. All of the contracts with union employees in the city should be put up on the Dash Board that the city has to make if they want to get their share of State Shared Revenue. The health care cost have to be put up the check register, the cost of the cell phone stipends and how many are we paying for. How many cars are going out each night and how much that is costing the taxpayers. City’s are suppose to make everything transparent for the residents. That includes it all and this has to be up and running by October 2011 in order to get the first payment of one third. I hope the administration is going to make every effort to make sure the city does not loss that money that would be inexcusable.


  4. Good news and a step in the right direction. Labor costs and benefits are the largest part of the cities budget. The council is voting on the court’s union contract. What is the new contract? Just an overview will do? Never discussed in open meeting. Allowing non union people to receive same as union members what does that mean? I would like the agenda to spell out exactly what is being voted on.
    Just curious what is the state of the nsp grant? Is it within budget? It would appear the city is well over the 10 percent allowed for administration.
    Good job clerks office keep it up. Thanks


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