Is he an EFM or is he The Mayor, or is he something else..

Anonymous said: The new FM might be our own mayor or his assistant. They both went to training last week in Lansing on how to become financial managers!

From what I understand the aims of the seminar are:

The new seminar focuses more on how to deal with strapped city and school finances to avoid EFMs, said attorney Ed Plawecki, who co-organized the two-day session. Plawecki is a former district judge and Wayne County commissioner.

Unlike the February event, this seminar includes sessions on public school law and funding, forensic auditing, consolidating government services and controlling employee health care costs.

The seminar from my understanding was for the prevention of a EFM to come into a city. The Mayor his assistant and the comptroller attended the seminar. I understand the Comptroller going and the Mayor of the city, but what I do not understand is why the assistant to the Mayor is in attendance. The assistant to the Mayor did negotiate all of the union contracts in the city. There are many people who will say that she gave away everything in these contract negotiations.

Benton Harbor was the first city that had its officials nullified the city already had a FM, but under the new law the FM has more powers. What did EFM Harris do well he declared that the officials of the city could meet, but make no decisions.

What did the Mayor of Dearborn Heights have to say;

Dearborn Heights Mayor Daniel Paletko said his city is not in financial danger, but he’s attending the session to learn more about the new EFM law.

“We want to learn what it’s about, that’s why we’re here,” Paletko said.


If you would like to read the comments you can click Here.

The Mayor say’s the city is not in financial trouble that is not what I am hearing and that is not what has been reported. During one budget meeting (the first one) councilwoman Van Houten said that she wanted to know what the “Plan was” to get out of the deficit budget we are now in. She also asked when the plan had to be submitted to the State? The Mayors response was we will be submitting a plan, the plan is the sell of the incinerator property. If the deficit is upwards of 2 million how is the sale of the incinerator property going to get the city out of deficit? The sell of the property would bring 1.2 million.  Many are looking at the cash flow report from the Treasure of Dearborn Heights, and the borrowing of money from other departments to make payroll. Take what many are calling the inflated revenue numbers in the Mayors proposed budget. People that have looked at the budget are pointing to these numbers and saying that they are way off. I am sure that there are council members that are feeling the same way and are looking very closely at this part of the budget.

If and I am saying if an EFM came to the city and if that person was the Mayor just how would that work? The Mayor would then remove himself as the Mayor strip his self of all powers as the Mayor. Then he would strip the council of all of its powers and appoint his self as the EFM with I am sure his assistant as what ( EFM Junior) That would be a dream come true for the Mayor he would have total control of the city and answer to no one. Check and balance not anymore there would be no one to stop him from hiring firing doing what ever he wanted to. That is very, very fighting no city council to approve his spending. No city council to say yes or no on contracts or projects he might want to do. Want more well he may get rid of his power as Mayor and maybe suspend his salary, but he will get a larger salary as an EFM $150,000.00 a year from what I understand. What if he keeps the title as Mayor/EFM and retains the salaries of both positions. I would hope that there is a provision in the new law that would prevent something like this from happening. The system of government in the city is a strong Mayor weak council and it shows all the time. Well just imagine if there was a Mayor with absolute power. Imagine if the Mayor came in as a EFM and told your elected council that you can meet, but can not make any decisions. I hope we never get an EFM not the Mayor or anyone else for that matter I think this is destroying the very fiber of our society.  This strips the votes of all their rights not to mention turning our city’s into one big business operation. There will no long be something called community just a business.  If you do not believe what I am saying just watch this

What if this was our council who could only call to order a meeting, approve the minutes, and end a meeting that is it. The council better roll up their sleeves and get to work and start making some changes because before you know it this could happen here in the city of Dearborn Heights.


5 thoughts on “Is he an EFM or is he The Mayor, or is he something else..”

  1. private you must be the mayor. Mayor will not be both. Conflict of iinterest. You can’t financially ruin a city and then be given a job to fix it.


  2. Private,
    I think you are missing the point of this entire post. Have you ever heard of a dictatorship? Well, get ready for it.

    A dictatorship: A government controlled by one person, or a small group of people. In this form of government the power rests entirely on the person or group of people, and can be obtained by force or by inheritance. The dictator(s) may also take away much of its peoples’ freedom.


  3. I am glad to hear that the Mayor, his assistant and the comptroller attended the EFM seminar. The more they can learn the better it will be for the city and residents. So what if he makes a salary for being Mayor and EFM. He would be doing two jobs and deserves to be paid for both. I am sure out of the few people that follow this blog a few of you get paid for working more then one job.


  4. I watched a program Saturday, The Washington Journal, on CSPAN. Their guest was Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director of US Mayor Conference (, of which our mayor is a member (our city pays his dues).
    Mr. Cochran spoke of Recall Fever for mayors. He obviously was empathetic to the mayors in this problem, but I did hear him say a lot of things that make sense.
    Mayors have to balance their budget. We have to hold our mayor accountable. His arrogance and non-responsiveness can no longer be tolerated. The citizens have spoken and noted that he is abusing his power, he is delegating his responsibilities to unqualified people, and he is making deals that have not been approved by our city council.
    Economic decisions vs corruption are bringing many mayors to the recall line. Recalls are very costly and disruptive. The voters are angry and frustrated. They ask questions where transparency should be practiced, and get nothing. “This is part of democracy…. the challenges of being a public elected official”.
    People are more angry at the local gov’t, mayors should take the initiative to get the information to the citizens. If the people cannot get the mayor to comply, the next assumption is corruption.
    The social media is needed to alert people to the latest news and developments. Tom Cochran said to get the message out. Mayors are not listening to the internet or talk radio. We have to call attention to the mayor to use the media in a positive way. People have a right to their opinion, and they need to voice it. The public has many questions, and as we have seen at many city coucil meetings, the mayor does not respond.
    “If they don’t have a website, or have a Blogger, they better by God get one!” Mr. Cochran was quoted in USA newspaper and stated on the Washington Journal.
    Mayor Paletko is our mayor, he owes the citizens the answers they ask for. And our city council should not let him off the hook, pacify him and shake their finger at the bad citizen. Let’s get on the ball, do what is right! Transparency is required, and please, leave the ego in your other pants.


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