Former Dearborn Heights Mayor Ruth Canfield Speaks Out About Letter Sent to Council members..

Below you will see copies of letters that were sent to me, one is a letter sent to council members by Mayor Paletko. The other is a response to council members from former Mayor Ruth Canfield. I can say good for you Mayor Canfield it is long over due there are many of us who have been waiting a very long time for you to speak out about the lies being told about you. I would like to thank who ever sent these to me I do not know who you are, but I can only assume that you come here to the blog so thank you.. I did confirm that these are the same letters sent to council members.


15 thoughts on “Former Dearborn Heights Mayor Ruth Canfield Speaks Out About Letter Sent to Council members..”

  1. That is what happened in Redford wasn’t it? Isnt that why their clerk was having trouble getting bonded?


  2. Anonymous

    Are you sure about that law because we do have people in the city handling Grant Money that have personal bankruptcy. If you know where I can find that law please put it up here..


  3. Also, if you have filed for bankruptcy, legally you are not allowed to handle state or federal funds, for grants or any other programs. the law has been put in to place for a reason.
    if you can’t handle your own business affairs, what are the chances your going to be better at it running a government program with monies involved.


  4. you can’t be a financial manager without a degree in finance, or accounting. High school diplomas don’t qualify.
    Ms. K doesn’t qualify for that position, and much as she thinks in her clouded reality.
    The mayor on the other hand does have the degree.


  5. The new FM might be our own mayor or his assistant. They both went to training last week in Lansing on how to become financial managers!


  6. we should expect a fm any day now, with this going on.
    you should see what the appointed fm is doing to Benton Harbor. i don’t which is going to be worse, this administration, or a fm.
    A Fm will take our public/city property away, like a park for example, and sell it to a developer. we have no rights, no say
    they can do it. They can take away the” blessed” senior centers, and sell them to a charter school. Believe me, there are corporations lining up for the chance like this. It’s all ready started in Detroit.Big money will take over.
    The Governor is all about pro Big Business. We the average citizens are not big business to him. just obstacles, which he will knock over with his FM.


  7. No cuts? Look at the proposed budget. They are attempting to “eliminate” negotiated positions from the afscme contract (even though there is 200k for “part time” positions in police budget??)- jail gurds and the animal control officers…the city will look like detroit with stray dogs running around not to mention the unfair labor practice suit and grievances that will follow by attempting to ignore a legally binding agreement (contract) in an effort to eliminate these positions to suit someone’s personal agenda. And how about legal fees to defend this strong arm tactic- this is gonna cost $$$$ if it is done,.,,


  8. Private,
    First of all, Ruth Canfield ran unopposed, so I guess it doesn’t matter if you voted for her or not. At least she was up front with the city and the council with what was going on. She didn’t hide things, stretch the truth and outright lie! I am extremely certain that Canfield’s “comments” were NOT the cause of your “potential buyers” walking away!! The market was still at its peak then! And if the mayor is doing “a hell of a job,” why does the city have a HUGE deficit??

    The police absolutely get a fantastic pension. But, they should NOT be the only ones that give things up. What has upper management given up? NOTHING. They all have the holidays OFF to spend time with their family. How right is that?


  9. Ruth Canfield was one of the worst Mayors that we elected into office and I can say that I am still embarrassed that I voted for her. I still remember when she ran her mouth about Dearborn Heights going into receivership and we needed to raise taxes and have a Headlee override. I was attempting to sell my house at that time and purchase a bigger home, but several potential buyers walked away because of her comments. I don’t agree with everything the Mayor is doing, but he is doing a hell of a job compared to other cities. I just want to thank the police department for taking concessions and working with the Mayor and the residents and after 25 years they deserve a pension and health care. Fire and police have always received a good pension and I do not understand why it is a big deal at this time. Lets see if the fire department and others will follow and take concessions. During the hard times that we are going through I am glad that we have Mayor Paletko running the show.


  10. Nancy

    Did you read what the state is going to be asking for they are requiring all of it be open and up on the web site that would include every penny that they city would like to spend all of it has to be opened up for the residents to have access to. No more hiding. I am not comfortable with the Chief wearing his gun inside the council chambers. I am not comfortable with him standing up and walking towards a resident while they are speaking in order to intimidate that resident. What is next he will pull his gun on someone if he does not like what they are saying. What about those question the questions about law suites up set him so much. Why did he want the resident who was talking to shut up so bad? Makes me wonder just what is going on behind the scenes. I will be writing about it I just needed to talk to the person that the Chief was harassing to see how he felt. There are others that I talked with besides my husband so I could get a better understanding of what happened that night. I was not there. What you do not see on camera is more disturbing..


  11. Why isn’t the audit by Plante and Moran on the web site???Mr Mayor the wages, health care and pensions paid to city employees are far from reasonable. They are over the top.Sorry, but it would appear that the police and fire department won’t show up to work unless we pay them to breathe. We got conned into voting for a millage for so called safety. What we got was a bunch of fat cats. I would hope that the Mayor would not offer up any millage or headlee overrides. We already have put way to much in his coffers. If the Mayor brings this proposal to the coucil They should answer with NO . I will vote against any and all requests.

    No excuse for the display by the Mayor and Chief of Police at the council meeting.
    The Chief should have a write up in his personnel file for his actions. Whats next ? Televised police brutality? It is obvious an anger management problem exists.

    If you can’t control yourselves any better than that maybe the job has become to much for you. You both should resign if that is the case.


  12. Well, well, well. It is finally on paper, right in front of your face.
    I remember the first Mayor Canfield, respected him immensely. I will not forget him, for many of the things he did and said, the respect and care he had for us. I also remember the years of Mayor Ruth Canfield. She also was well respected, a welcome and caring representative of our city. To see a letter from her is quite awesome.
    For those who do remember either of the Mayor Canfields, do you think either of them would be yelling, disrespecting or intimidating the citizens? Naw. Or how about this: Were there any lawsuits against either of them? Did either of them put the city in jeopardy as Mayor Paletko has?
    When you speak of a “strong” mayoral form of city government you speak of leadership. Mayor Paletko thinks it means blowing your own horn, flashing your ego, and/or setting his Gastapo force against the citizens. This has to stop.
    I want to personally thank Mayor Ruth Canfield for caring enough to put her thoughts on paper and present them to our council. And to whomever it was that included the Truth Page in on this one, thank you.
    Mayor Paletko has had a free reign and it is time for his realm to dump him and he can take his cronies with him. How much more can the city and its citizens take from his decisions, his attitude, his disrespect?
    For those of you who are content with this crap, think about when will it be your turn to try and ask a question and get the lip action from him or the threatening bouncing around from the Chief?
    My hope is that it never happens again, but then, I am such a dreamer sometimes…..


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