Numbers Don’t Lie or Could They..

The city is going to be borrowing money from several different departments. By the end of July the amount will be 9 million dollars. That money is not going to be paid back with interest by the end of this budget so that would say that the city would owe 9 million dollars. Yet when you look at the budget you do not see it listed any place why? I thought if you want to have an accurate accounting of what is coming in and what is expected to go out a loan would be listed under the expense side of the budget.   When you start in the negative how is the city every going to get caught up how will the city be paying this money back. How can the council approve a budget that does not list some of the expenses it will be having in the next year.  What happens if they have to take more from these accounts what is the limit? When does the amount of money become so much that it is unrealistic that the city will be able to pay back these department loans?

There is still no word from the Governor how much in state revenue city’s are going to be getting, and the Mayor mentioned this at last Tuesday’s budget meeting. He has put the same amount as last year for state revenue. What happens if the state does not give us that much when does the budget have to change to reflect that? Why doesn’t the state have to give the numbers before city’s have to put together their budgets this is a very screwed up system in my book. You ask city’s to give their budgets on time and yet, you (the state) are not forth coming with the information that is needed to do the very task you have every Mayor doing.. If it was me and it is not, I would have cut the amount of state revenue by 20% and worked with that number. To use the same amount that as last year I think may be a mistake. The budget of course is not final yet the council still has to approve it.


7 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie or Could They..”

  1. f
    Thank you so much for coming to the blog.
    I am sorry, but I can not put up your comment as is there are slanderous remarks I agree with almost everything you said and if you will give me permission I will edit those remarks out of it and put it up… Sorry, but if you know the history of what has happened to me you will understand.. Let me know and I will take care of it..


  2. I cannot believe that the meeting was it. Something else is going on between the citizen and the city. Something far more personal. Fights are usually two way and neither party is totally blameless. That did not occur in a nutshell, and no way is the grudge limited to a FOIA request.


  3. Kathy,
    I can point at each council member and tell you which one is for the people, and the ones that are with the mayor and for themselves.
    Ken Baron is afraid to say the wrong thing because he is afraid of how it will effect his business.
    he is suppose to represent the people first, not is his own personal agenda, and that goes for 3 others besides himself.
    The chief just needs to his job, and that is it.
    we are the taxpayers, we have the right to question what is going on.
    To think that they have the audacity to talk to the citizen
    like they are third class citizen is appalling.
    I have experienced it by department heads and some staff in various departments.
    Ive said this before on a previous post about how some employees talk to citizens when you ask basic questions, and you were made to feel like you were a problem.
    Te chief doesn’t have to worry about his job, cause he is doing what the mayors bidding.
    so the mayor has a pocket lawyer, and a pocket police chief!


  4. Titanium Lips

    You are so right the citizen did not cost the city money the FOIA coordinator did. When councilwoman Horvath was the FOIA coordinator she did not cost the city one dime for anything except her hourly wage. She did not send one FOIA request to a lawyer she did her job and answered them like she is suppose to. If the FOIA coordinator is not capable of doing her job than let someone who can do it. To blame a citizen for costing the city money, to out right lie to the residents is outrageous. This is not the end of this the residents need to know I do not think the residents fully understand just how serious the lies that were told at the last council meeting are. To have the council sit so quite and let these lies be told without stopping it is very disheartening. When you ask for the same information 3 times and it is still denied when you are told that the information does not exists in the city. When you have been told by several people who would know if it does or not that the administration is not telling you the truth. So you submit another FOIA to get the information to yet again get denied. It is nothing, but a game that they like to play because it is very important to keep things hidden.
    Sorry Mr. Barron but you were out of line to comment of something that you know nothing about. You do not know what the city has or has not given you do not know just how many games they have been playing for the past 2 years. You Mr. Chair do not know that the FOIA coordinator has not answered one FOIA request made by that resident. She has passed everyone of the FOIA request to corporation counsel to charge the city $120.00 an hour get the facts before you make a comment please.


  5. I just finished watching the ccm of April 12. I am so disgusted with what I saw. First it is our right as a citizen to speak at the end of a council meeting and have our three minutes. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, including the mayor, his pocket attorney or any council member. If the citizen has taken time to ask questions, the proper person should answer them. There are very few instances where the questions should or could not be answered. To have anyone get up to the podium, get ridiculed by a member of the audience, have the council, mayor, etc totally disregard and criticize the right of the citizen to ask the question is outrageous. Whether or not I, or any one else in the room wants to hear it, that citizen deserves to have his presence respected and his questions considered. Then, to have our Chief of Police, blow off his comments, criticize the citizen, interrupt, throw his weight around, I just can’t believe it. Has our Chief become such an arrogant hothead that he cannot control himself? Why did he do that? He is supposed to be trained to diffuse volatile situations, not incite them. And why did the Chair, the one in control of the meeting, not speak up and put the Chief back in his seat? Why did Chair Baron openly speak up like he did against the citizen, and not keep the people calm? Why couldn’t he just respect and do his job as Chair? He added to the problem. Doesn’t any one realize that the person at the podium is speaking for many of the citizens? I would like to know why the mayor can’t just answer questions calmly and to the best of his ability. I would like to know why the council didn’t stand up for the right of the citizen to speak, for his full allotted three minutes without the Gestapo acting in such a threatening way.
    It is our right to ask questions about our city gov’t and where the money is going. Who the heck do these people of the administration think they are? The lies have got to stop. If the mayor says the citizen has cost the city money, then prove it. If the money was spent on the pocket lawyer for paperwork that someone else, like the assistant, is supposed to be handling, then it is not the citizen who is wasting the money. If the administration was competent, honest and practiced transparency, the citizens would not be so questioning. We have been lied to so much, I can see why certain citizens try to push the admin to do the right thing. Because the admin is so intent on keeping every thing so secretive, now the people are more apt to question everything they do, every decision they make. There’s just too much going on that is upsetting with this admin. Isn’t there anyone above the admin who can make them do what they are supposed to do? Hey, what if someone makes up a list of questions from the citizens and we have an open meeting where the appropriate people answer the questions? Without animosity, without ego bombing, without Gestapo guardians. This city is full of very decent, wonderful people and don’t deserve the treatment that this admin is putting out.


  6. Financial statements consist of four parts. Assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Interfund borrowing does not show up as a budget item. The asset portion will show interfund receivable. The liability section will show a like entry interfund payable. I do not know what kind of funds these are. If they were restricted funds “ie” money received for a purpose it would be illegal to borrow them. Budgets are used only as a guideline for what you feel your revenue and expenses will be. The end result in a business world is your profit or loss.
    Budget failures end up in a cash flow crisis. Shortfalls are a direct hit on available cash.
    The city may have rules and regs that govern interfund borrowing that I am not aware of . This is snapshot of how a business would handle the situation. Hope this helps.


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