How is the proposed budget balanced?

The proposed budget is balanced, but Baron said he is concerned with whether or not the city will finish the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, in line with the projections used for Paletko’s proposal. Either way, he said, the city will find a way to make it work.

“I feel confident we’ll be able to overcome this,” he said.Source Press and Guide

Yes the proposed budget may be balanced but has it been balanced with inflated numbers from the Mayor.. The numbers for proposed revenue are inflated according to the revenue of this budget. Take the numbers for business licensing these numbers are done by guess-work. There is no way that the Mayor can know how many new business will be coming into the city..  What is even more disturbing are the comments by councilwoman Van Houten she did ask the Mayor when they are going to be putting a plan together for the state on the deficit numbers. Even saying that the Mayor would not tell the council the dollar amount of the  deficit. Now I was thought that under the law the Mayor must inform the council as to the fact that he is operating under a deficit budget and he must tell them for how much.. She asked the question straight out and put the deficit number at 1.2 to 2.5 there has been reports that the deficit is as high as 4 million. For the first time the Mayor did not say your numbers are not correct. He did not say there is not a deficit in the budget in the past he would be quick to point out that they are wrong. Then again the cameras were not rolling at this meeting would be interested to see if the same thing was said at a council meeting with cameras rolling would he jump down her throat.

Councilwoman Margaret Van Houten said she is concerned the city will have a deficit this year that is not being dealt with. She said council doesn’t have specific numbers on a deficit yet, but she is sure there will be some.

Source: Press and Guide

There is one city council that is not accepting inflated numbers from their Mayor the Detroit City Council. They are rejecting the revenue numbers given by the Mayor saying that they are inflated according to Fox 2 Detroit evening news 4-11-2011. Going to be very interesting to see what Dearborn Heights City Council is planing on doing with the Mayor revenue numbers..



1 thought on “How is the proposed budget balanced?”

  1. The budget was balanced on loans from other funds, its clear that the GF was in red in 2010-11 but the COOL-AID was full of sugar and tasty so every body drink-it eyes closed!


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