We pay to have things hidden from us how bizarre is that?

Under the Open Meetings Act it is my understanding that the city council can have closed session meetings when they are discussing issues of personal or law suites. I do not see how they are able to discuss the findings of the study that Wade Trim did paid for by taxpayer money on the flooding of residents basements in closed session.. That study was not approved by the council based on litigation it was done with the understanding voiced by the Mayor that any findings would be given to the residents to help them understand where the problem was at.. We paid for that Mr. Mayor and Council you the council members paid for that from your tax dollars so why are you using the closed session to hide the findings of that study.. Where does it say that you can hide that report from the public that study is not part of any on going litigation the litigation was done after you commissioned the study. The council voted to approve spending our money on that study and now you want to hide it from us because the Mayor has gone back on his word..

The effort behind the study was to find the cause of the flooding I do not recall the Mayor or the council saying that we will only make the findings public if the city is not responsible, or we will make them public if you do not sue the city.. If the study found the city was not in any way liable for the flooding I can guarantee that the public would have access to the results of this report yesterday.. I find the actions of this city disgusting we want to see the results and if the city is in some way responsible for the flooding so be it the whole idea was to find the reason if the reason has been found and that reason is some how falling on the city’s shoulders then say so. You spent taxpayer money to find the reason than you hide the reason from the very people who have the problem and who have paid to find the answer. How dare you use the residents in this way next time you want to pay for a study in this city pay for out of your own pockets and keep your hands out of ours.

I bring this up because I noticed on the agenda they are coming back for more money if you look on the lovely two page agenda under NEW BUSINESS C. Wade Trim & Assoc re: Televising of Sanitary Sewers. How much are they going to expect the tax payer to cough up this time for something that we will never be able to get the results of.. I think there is something inherently wrong with asking the taxpayer to flip the bill for the city to gather more information that they are going to keep from the very people who are getting hurt by the flooding to begin with.. If you want to know how much they are going to ask for this time call your council members and get the number. If you think this is wrong for the city to come back and ask us yet again to spend our money on something that we have no access to let them know.. Please put up your comments here for or against what they are doing..

I again say they have no right to hide this information from us with this bull of litigation the study was not part of litigation we the residents have a right to know the results..



13 thoughts on “We pay to have things hidden from us how bizarre is that?”

  1. I say this because a basement should be a basement, not living quarters. If it IS the city’s fault, they should pay out. But, if it is not, how much money should the city fork over because people want a finished basement? A basement is underground. They are prone to flooding. I don’t put anything of value in my basement. That is what the rest of the house is for. People need to use a little common sense. If it IS the city’s problem, I agree they should pay for replacement items. It should never have to come to a lawsuit.


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, did not say it was not just said I did not remember that and others do not either. Was wondering how it was legal to use public funds to conduct a study and then hide that same study from the people who paid for it. I think you can kind of understand how many would be upset with that. At any rate just makes the city look more guilty in many peoples eyes.. What ever the study showed I hope the city takes care of the problem, and I have said I do not want the city to spend any more of my tax dollar on study’s they are then going to hide from us..


  3. Kathy:
    It was stated very clearly. At a meeting when Mr. Musket (?) asked about getting results, the lawyer responded that the city has received notice that a couple residents may be inthe process of filing lawsuits and if the lawsuits are filed all finding become part of that lawsuit and therefore cannot be shared openly with the public until the cases are resolved. Then at another meeting it was nnounced that the lawsuits were filed and therefore that closed off the possibility of sharing the results until the cases are resolved. This did happen, go back and watch the tapes for the past year and you will find it.

    BTW, I checked with a lawyer friend who confirmed this is exactly correct procedure.


  4. How legal is it and I am not saying the Mayor said that, but how legal is it for a Mayor to say we will only share the results with you if you do not sue.. I do not recall him saying that nor do two others that were at the city council meeting.. How can a Mayor threaten his residents like that, and this was paid by taxpayer money so I do not think it is legal for the Mayor of Dearborn Heights to say either you do not sue and we will show you the information, but if you do we are not going to show you anything.. Anonymous do you realize how bad that sounds to the public.

    Tom, how can you say that people are sue happy did you listen to the man who had just finished repairing his basement from the last flood and less then a week it flooded again.. Do you realize that these people have flooded several times sue happy that is an unfair statement for you to make about people who have had enough and have suffered with this flooding year after year..


  5. I agree that it’s important to share the test results with the residents. But in all fairness to the administration, I remember watching the city council meetings back last year when this was started and the lawyer and mayor clearly stated to the residents and council that if anyone files a lawsuit on this matter (which they have the legal right to do) it will significantly limit the city’s ability to share any of the results with any of the citizens until the lawsuits are resolved. That point was made extremely clear.

    So basically, a couple people have ruined it for everybody. And everybody was clearly warned in advance.


  6. I have never been out on a date, had dinner or drinks, and never heard any “love U’s” from WadeTrim, so I certainly can’t figure out why I, one of many taxpayers, am getting screwed by them. Another bill? Oh, great, let’s see it, boys!


  7. Titanium lips

    I do not think they have been threatened by anyone I think they beleive that they can not talk about it because the Mayor said there is litigation, but that study was done to give the residents answers.


  8. I heard that we voted for council to represent the citizens in the business of the city. Was that a misconception? Why won’t they stand up for us? Have they been threatened? Whats up with that?


  9. Transparency is the word of the day!
    I have discussed this with others and the mayor would be appalled at how he is being blamed for all the inconsistancies, for all the lies, for all the sneaky garbage that is happening in our city. I won’t blame him for all, but what i do blame him for is letting it go on and on. He can’t let it go on like this. Stand up for the citizens, do the right thing for once!
    We pay our taxes to be allowed to live here, and we have to have control over something. Our council isn’t standing up against the wrongful decisions made, either. From what I see, if they do, they end up on the bad side, blackballed, ridiculed, and more. Who wants all that? BUT, I voted for each of you. I need you to understand that it is of the utmost importance that you make the mayor do what is right. And, by the way, why does Wade Trim get all these high paying inspections, evaluations, studies, etc. Do they have a special city connection?
    Understand that so far, the people have been waiting. Either waiting or are being duped by the friendliness of the administration. It will all come out one day, and there are going to be some very angry people. Of course, by then our esteemed mayor, his pocket attorney, and other cohorts will be done getting all they can out of our city. What will be left for the citizens?


  10. Well, I think you are right on Kathy. It sure is nice to have someone with some back bone to tell them all. They use no common sense so I guess they would need these studies done. Why is it the same people doing the studies all the time. It doesn’t leave a very open market for new business. Same old dinosaurs running the city. We need new blood with modern ideas. Our council and administration is stagnated by old ways and Ideas .


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