Volume Knobs and Power Switches

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When should a the IT person be called into a department in the city. Well when a printer  is not working right. Well okay, but do you think you could look to see if the damn thing is turned on first, heard that there is a charge in the IT invoice for one department who called the IT because the printer was not working and gee wiz look at that, the power switch was off.. There was another charge a long time back when the IT was called in because the sound was not going to the speakers. After a very long time and over a hundred dollars the IT discovered that the volume knob was turned down on the monitor. I could not make this up even if I wanted to and I do not want to.

I bring it up because when a call is put out to the IT they charge by the hour and if the city is looking to cut expenses well ridiculous things like this could help. I do not imagine that people in their departments should be computer wizards, but a power switch can we at least make sure that is in the on position before we call the IT. Another charge a while back was for a power cord not plugged into the power socket I kid you not. When you go to turn something on and press the power button and nothing happens wouldn’t you look to make sure it is plugged in? No I guess not because (IT) was called in on that one too and time spent charge by the hour to find later that they had to plug it in.  So in the sprite of saving money please look at the plugs look at the power switches and please turn those volume knobs to make sure there is sound.



7 thoughts on “Volume Knobs and Power Switches”

  1. spell check doesn’t cost anyone money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that was the point of the post! stay on topic please!


  2. help! help! i don’t know how to use use the microwave! i know ill call the IT guy he will know what to do! XD lol


  3. I would wager half the people posting here have made a mistake that is at a similar level. God knows spellcheck is a foreign concept to many here. If it is truly a rare occurence, then I guess the debate is whether or not perfection should be the norm for employees.


  4. It’s common sense for crying out loud!
    So, what do these people do at home when they come
    across the same issue?
    Do they call an IT person? Probably call someone, and it’s free of charge. That’s why they don’t stop and think that it’s gonna cost the city any money, cause at home it doesn’t.
    it just dawn on them, that golly, this is going to cost money!
    If it was there pocket book, they might not have such a callous attitude.
    Maybe an IT person should be called for there heads.
    sounds like they have an arterial flow problem to their brains.


  5. If the IT is called in then yes she or someone who works for her would be paid to connect a mouse. I am sure that these type of charges are not the norm, but they are annoying.


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