Shhh it’s a secret…


Shhh, don’t tell anyone it’s a secret you know the second buyer for the incinerator property. You know the property that has a buyer, but they got an extension from the city until September. The property that might be sold for 1.2 million dollars the same property that is going to be used in the plan submitted to the state to explain how the city is going to right the deficit budget the city is now in.. Oh but wait the Mayor let the council know on Tuesday that there is another buyer waiting in the wings if the first buyer does not go through. That’s right guys and they are willing to buy the property for the same amount. Oh but we can not say who they are or what they are going to use the property for. The Mayor told the council and the rest of us in the council chambers that he can not reveal what the party wants to put on the property.. It is just one more of many secrets that the administration likes to keep from the council and the residents of the city. The only reason that the Mayor even mentioned this was because the deficit budget was brought up and the council wants answers on the plan that the administration has to deal with that.. The whole plan is the sale of the incinerator property that’s the plan.


2 thoughts on “Shhh it’s a secret…”

  1. Did the property sold? It was on of the several projects proposed but no news about them for years? May the council lost count!


  2. Transparency! I heard it was the word of the century! Can’t anyone force the mayor to tell any of his secrets…especially when he is using the citizen’s money and property? Whats up with that? Why can’t anyone step up to the podium at the council meeting and ask the pertinent questions? Mostly because first, we aren’t suppposed to know about it. Second, he may get red-faced and yell at us. Third, any little move like that can get you eliminated and ignored. And there are more reasons, those are just the obvious. Yeah, he can be a nice guy…just ask him. He’ll tell you…


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