Is The City’s Infrastruture Being Gutted..

This is the Forecaster Cash Flow  for the General Fund in Dearborn Heights You should all read this because this is a real problem folks. Just would like to say that I do not think the roads are going to be getting fixed any time soon. Just take a look for yourself where the money is coming from to pay the bills from March until July


All of this money does have to go back to these accounts with interest, but when does it have to get paid back. How long does the city keep taking from these accounts before it will be impossible for the general fund to pay back the money. Add to that longevity being pushed on down the road for the next two years if the Mayor has his was about it a one million dollar bill to be paid in one shot in 2013. The council will have to approve the longevity very interested in seeing at the council meeting on Tuesday if they will or not.  The city now is running the city from the city’s infrastructure gutting it right along with the rest of the city.


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