How Much thought is given to who is running your Elections?

How often do we think about all the work that goes into running an election all the work to make sure that everything runs smooth. Here in the city of Dearborn Heights I have never heard of a problem with our elections, and I hope there never will be anything like the problem that happened in the state of Wisconsin.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced Thursday that “human error” resulted in her not reporting 14,000 votes from the heavily Republican county. The original statewide estimate had Justice Prosser trailing by 200 votes. Read the rest

Watching this story on the news and reading about it just gave me a bigger appreciation for the job our former clerk did. It also made it even clearer to me that the next person that the voters put in the clerk’s office is very important. The Clerks office is separate from all other departments in the city the Mayors office has nothing to do with the Clerks office nor does the Treasures Department. The Mayor, Clerk, and The Treasure are elected officials in the city, and run their offices independent of one another. This is something that all of us should make sure stays that way. Having a competent person in that office is very important and making sure that the clerk’s office stays independent is key in any city.  How a clerk can miss counting 14,000 votes is just unacceptable. I do not know much about how the elections are done, but seeing our former clerk in action during my recount I know there is no way she would even accept one vote missing. The former clerk was obsessed with the numbers and the seals and every book every number had to match she was a mess that day.. Can not say I blame her it is a huge responsibility and when a mistake happens it could cost someone the election. The mishap in Wisconsin is not the first with that clerk there. There has been something in many of the elections in that county. Not sure how one person can make that many mistakes year after year and someone does not start to question what is going on.

The city  is going to be electing a new Clerk we have to be very careful who we put there it is a very important office not only for the elections, but do not forget the clerk is the keeper of the records all the contracts in the city every business licenses, dog licenses, death certificate and so much more. So when it is time for you to cast your vote this fall make sure you know who you are voting for and understand what they are going to bring to that office..


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