Is a Millage in the Future…

Guys hate to say it, but it looks like a millage is in our future. There has been rumors for the past few months that the Mayor is going to go for a millage of course the city council will have to approve this. Tonight there was meeting to look at the revenues in the budget.. They Mayor said ” If tax revenues stay as they are there is no way to balance the budget without a millage.” He is looking for one to one and half mill it will have to go before the voters.

He went on to talk about a memorandum concerning a letter of understanding between the city and the unions and he thinks that this is achievable. The letter that he is talking about is a letter of understanding between the city and the unions for the employees of the city to give up their longevity for two years and then the city will pay it back. Longevity this amount in the budget is

721.000     Longevity 570,069 567,738 580,125 542,258 0

Before he has signed agreements from the unions he is putting the amount in the budget as 0. It is interesting to note that he did not tell the council that ASFCEME turned it down flat..  Longevity is 542,258.00 if I was on the council I would not accept this. You can not put things in a budget that are not facts just because you think you can twist enough arms to get it done does not make it so..

Talk turn to  this budget when Councilwoman Van Houten pointed out that the city is running a Deficit budget and how are we going to pay for that. She puts the number from 1.2 million to 2.5 million councilwoman Badalow agreed with that. She asked  when is he going to address that? When is a report going to go to the State and what is the plan to pay for this? While he is talking about a new budget this budget we are in now is at a deficit. His answer to this was we have the incinerator property, when he writes to the state about this he will be using the sale of that property in September if it goes through. This is the big plan but the sale of that property will only bring in 1.2 that is not enough to cover the deficit amount.  That’s the big  plan to make the city solid again..


15 thoughts on “Is a Millage in the Future…”

  1. It’s a sad day when a Nurse (R.N.) makes much less saving lives everyday then someone who has to clean up under the M…Y’s desk. and a sad day when the drug dealers are taking over our city and as much money as they are being paid do nothing. It’s a sad day when a person gets a citation because of some leaves on the side of their house that fell off the tree after they stopped picking up leaves and for a few cigarette buts on the the top part of the drive way. This city has gone to H*l* and the Mayor can go with it. As for me i am not voting on any thing , oh I also think this is all about 2 signs that was out in my yard on the prior election and now on the side of my house of someone running and someone else does not like them. I am not finished with this city yet , mess with me big one and you will have problems you never dream of.


  2. Why not post it on here in an easy-to-compare format so everyone can see? We know most people aren’t going to go out of their way to get it, but if it’s on here then everyone who looks at this site will most likely see it. Some facts would be really useful on here along with all the opinions. Just a thought.


  3. you can contact the comptroller’s office. They will email you all of that. it shows the current and the new budget that they are proposing. shows all salaries, broken down by department, then from the highest to lowest salary.
    all ready requested it, and received via email.
    it’s pretty sickening when you see what some people are making.
    you should see what a secretary makes. i know people with a bachelors degree that don’t make that in this current economy.
    we need to start looking at our salary guidelines, and the amount of “head people” we have, and do we need them? maybe reduce the amount.
    just get a copy. you might want some pepto bismol to go with it. reading it made my stomach sick.


  4. I’d like to see a list of what the different positions make. Lots of people talk about adding to or taking away from salaries, but I’ve never seen the actual numbers as they exist now.

    For example, what is the highest, lowest and mean average salary for police officers. Also, what else do they get. Apply this to firefighters, DPW, secretaries, Department Heads, whatever.

    If something like this can be posted on this site for easy side-by-side comparison that would be a huge help! Thanks.


  5. I am retired. In the melt down I lost $400.00 a month from my pension. I have social security but no raise for the last two years. How do I get some milliage for me put on the ballot???? I have to live within my means in spite of what has happened. It is time for the City , State and Federal Government to do the same.
    I will vote NO.


  6. I wouldn’t give up my holiday pay if I had to work on the Fourth of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc (oh, and don’t forget weekends). You can’t bring back the holidays!!!!! It’s very sad that all of those police officers are missing out on spending the holidays with their family. I know a few people that work at a hospital and they get paid double time and a half for working holidays. So, should UNION police officers really get NOTHING for working holidays? I’m curious what people think.

    Also, should only the unions be asked to give things up? Maybe if it started at the top, employees would be more inclined to do so.


  7. Private is misinformed-afscme longevity is a hill of beans (40k approx) compared to police and fire. and the latest budget attacks (eliminates)multiple positions in afcsme (animal control, 3 jailers) just to name a few. Meanwhile, there are expenditures that make little or no sense in such an economy such as 700,000 budgeted for police overtime-210,000 for als fire pay and 3.5 million for trash service?
    And, just for the record private, there was no agreement technically because if you look in the proposed budget for 2012 longevity was ELIMINATED before the police agreed to it.


  8. Sorry I am mistaken the police officers did not give up there longevity….I just discovered that they gave up there holiday pay which will be a bigger savings to the is my understanding the council is aware and will talk about it at the next council meeting….so again lets see if ASFCEME and the fire dept follow and do the right thing.


  9. This is the same mentality as at the state level. push it down the road bs.
    mr.mayor, you and your staff are costing us a quarter of a million in the budget, cut some of your fat, sir!
    when you look at your office budget what do you see???
    i’ll tell you what i see, is over spending on your assistant’s salary for starters. hello! not to mention her car, gas, and repairs expenditures?
    she doesn’t need a secretary. your office has a bloated over expenditures, for a small city as ours.
    i will not vote in favor of the millage, unless the mayors office budget gets slashed.
    but we know he won’t do that.


  10. I did not hear that at all I heard they did not sign. If they did not sign the Mayor has no right to put this in the budget as zero the council needs to take that out put the number back in until the Mayor has every union signing this letter of understanding.. Not only that this letter is to put off paying longevity for 2 years so in 2013 we are going to be hit will a million dollar pay out.. Where is that money suppose to come from by that time he will have depleted the departments he is taking from now to pay the bills. All of that money has to be paid back to these departments with interest.. The Treasure is taking from several different funds just to make pay roll and other bills, but that is for another post.. We can not just keep pushing things down the road sooner or later the city will have to pay..


  11. I have heard the police officers already agreed to help the city and gave up there longevity. Now lets see if ASFCEME and the fire dept will follow.


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