Celebrating 50 Years of Dearborn Heights…

Mosaic is what was on the mind of the Mayor last night at 7:00 the meeting started with a discussion about the Mosaic that Mayor would like to do for the city’s 50 year anniversary. This presentation went and discussion went on until 8:05. I think the idea is a nice Idea, but last night was not the time to bring it before the council considering as Councilwoman Badalow said we are going to be talking about the city’s budget and we might have to be letting people go. This is not the time to be talking about the city spending 48,000.00 on this. While I love the idea she said there has to be some other way besides taking from the general fund to pay for it.

So what is it? A Mosaic to be made of drawings from students and adults in the city. These drawings would be based on an Idea or a symbol that has yet to be decided. The presentation included other city’s and what they have done. All the drawings and they would need at least 10,000 of them would be scanned into a computer. Then the computer program would arrange these drawings into the mosaic that the city decided on. Everyone could look up their drawing on the computer and the mosaic would be hung at city hall right outside the Mayors office.. To read up on this you can go to  S.N.A.P. and find out more if you would like to see the mosaic that is at the Caroline Kennedy Library click here You can read the story about it here. The library did theirs with Grant Funds the Mayor did say that they are looking into Grants to fund the project, but he did not want to say anything because they have not gotten any yet.. He was very quick to point out that this was just the beginning, but they would have to start working on this soon because it was going to take time to get all the drawings together. He did not rule out other ideas, but thought this one was a good one..

Councilwoman Horvath pointed out that the 50 year anniversary of the city was a big deal and should be taken very seriously she was wondering if the Mayor was going to put together a commission to start working on this and that maybe that commission would come up with some other ideas. The Mayor thought that was a good idea and something that he would look into. He was eager to get started because he wanted to have some type of table set up at the Spirit Festival in June for people draw pictures.  June is two months away and not a dime has been raised to start this project so it is very obvious the Mayor is looking to have this project funded with General Funds.  There is no other way for this to get started in time for the festival with out that, no other reason to come before the council unless you are intending to ask them for the funds.

Councilman Berry pointed out that he thought the idea was great and that we have over 50,000 people living in the city and to ask for one dollar per person in the city to do something this wonderful was not too much to ask. Well  with the city in a deficit budget now and the Mayor looking to put a millage to balance the 2010 budget I think taking 48,000.00 from the general fund is 47,000.00 to much to ask now.. This project while I think it is wonderful is not something that should be paid for from taxpayer money. I think a committee needs to be established ASAP and fundraising efforts need to start yesterday grant funds need to be looked into.. Just one little thing maybe a different location can be looked into to hang this mosaic after walking out of city hall last night I stopped and looked at the location that the Mayor is proposing to hang these two mosaics. If you want to look at them you have to stand on the other side of the corridor to look at it.   Just my opinion but I think finding some place in the city that you can hang it straight on is better and no offense, but City Hall is not a very nice building to hang such a lovely piece of art a newer nicer building would be better.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 Years of Dearborn Heights…”

  1. The Mayor is feeling fine and dandy making his $83,000 with a city car. The mayors “TOP” assistant is also doing fine with her $60,000 and her city car. As a matter of fact, look at the proposed budget and you will see quite a few city employees making $60,000 – $75,000. The Chief of Police makes $98,000 for crying out loud… why doesn’t he anti up.

    Here is and idea…How about some of these overpaid city officials paying for this? After all, we taxpayers are providing them with lavish salaries, cars, and benefits…why don’t they buy us…the taxpayers and citizens… a nice mosaic to show appreciation for us providing them all these goodies???

    Don’t hold your breath people!!


  2. Anonymous

    I think Councilman Berry was implying that the city’s General Fund should pay for this not the public, but it will be the public taxpayers money is all of our money and he was referring to that..


  3. councilman berry’s idea is not to smart.
    What if you have more than 4 people in your family?
    so, he is suggesting that we donate a $1 for each person in each household?
    Sorry, some citizens can’t even spare a dime in this city
    because” their budgets are tight “.
    I’m not going give the city any money, and then they can do what ever they want with it????? like they are good with money now?? right?
    here’s a suggestion: Why doesn’t the mayor use the money from his fundraiser for this project!


  4. Are you guys smoking too much of the local pot? You have got to be kidding me. A Mosaic to hang by the mayor’s web, I mean office? We knew last year that 50 comes after 49, but we wait till this year, this month to start working on a celebration? OMG. I have no idea why I am surprised. And to top it off, the esteemed one brings his idea to a meeting that is supposed to be about paying the bills. I feel like I am on the council roller coaster; At one meeting Council Berry says things that I am profoundly in awe of him, then the next meeting, splat. The same for Council Arpegian. I am proud of Council Horvath and Badalow for standing up for the citizens. I don’t know if all this craziness has been instigated by the mayor because of all the lawsuits, or complaints, but he has to get his head back on his shoulders. He isn’t paying attention to us. $48,000 for a mosaic to hang someplace and people are losing jobs, and so much more. Someone pinch him and tell him to wake up, the time has gotten away while he is dreaming…..about mosaics?


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